How To Fix Server Not Updating In Palworld

Server update not letting you play Palworld? It might have something to do with outdated servers. Here’s a guide on how to fix it.

Palworld players are facing server issues after the latest update of the game. Since new updates bring bug fixes, minor changes, security patches, and new features, players need to update the game and servers as well. If you are hosting one of the dedicated servers, you should know how to keep the servers updated so that they function.

If you are facing the Palworld server not updating issue, our guide will help you with everything. However, before you go through all the steps, it’s worth noting that you should pause the server before any updates. This will avoid any conflicts while the download is in progress.

How to Fix Palworld Server Not Updating

How To Fix Server Not Updating In Palworld
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Server updates need to be constant to match the version of the game. Fortunately, Steam has a way in which you can automatically update the servers as well. Since the manual process would be too tiring, it’s easier to get it done on its own. Since you have encountered the Palworld server not updating issue, here’s how you can fix this.

  • SteamCMD allows players to automatically install the Palworld server updates.
  • Once you have installed SteamCMD, open a terminal and then log in anonymously with the command “login anonymous”.
  • After that, look for your Palworld folder in SteamCMD by first entering “force_install_dir C:/Palworld_Server”.
  • Next, use “app_update 2394010 validate” and it will start the update process.
  • Once SteamCMD automatically downloads the newest Palworld server files, launch the server to apply changes.

Players can check for manual updates by heading to Manage Downloads and then Downloads next to the Palworld server update. Restart your server after the update is complete for the changes to take place.

That’s all we have from this guide. Since you are playing Palworld, do check out how to wipe Palworld Servers, transfer saved progress, and more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.