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Starfield Mass: How To Fix And Get It Out Of Red

Check out this guide to know how you can fix the mass being overloaded in Starfield.

In Starfield, many different stats are necessary for players to be familiarized with including mass, and fixing it accordingly is necessary. Players can refer to mass as the collective weight of the overall ship or different items that they will carry around. Having excess of which will cause the Mass to be displayed in red indicating that the capacity is overloaded. If you are carrying around more than enough Mass in your inventory, you will slowly be encumbered in the game. This will lead you to lose out on oxygen and health bit by bit. In the case of the ship, excess weight will drag the ship’s speed down which might not be helpful during certain situations of combat. So if you are wondering how to fix it, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Fix Mass in Starfield

how to get mass out of red in starfield

Reducing the weight you carry around would be the best bet in Starfield to fix Mass and to get it out of red. There are a few things you can do to avoid being encumbered while carrying around items in your suit’s inventory. Here are some tips you can follow in the game:

  • Sell/Drop Items: The very first we would recommend would be to sell or drop items that are not necessary. Selling the items will not only help you earn credits but will also help you increase carrying capacity.
  • Cargo Hold: If you feel you are dragging too much weight around every time you explore planets, then your ship’s Cargo hold will help you. Transferring items to the Cargo Hold will help you reduce the excess weight in the game.
  • Weight Lifting Skill: The Weight Lifting Skill will let you increase the maximum carrying capacity in the game. Players will come across it in the Physical Skill Tree section.

To reduce the mass of your ship and keep it from being overloaded, upgrading it is necessary. While the mass of your ship can’t be reduced you can always fix it to optimal and out of red by upgrading to newer engines in Starfield. These will support the mass of your ship accordingly. Along with upgrading ships, players can also remove any unnecessary items from Cargo Hold. You can either sell it or store it in the lodge to avoid dragging the movement of the ship. Nevertheless, you can always upgrade to a brand new ship altogether with increased mass in Starfield.

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