Baldur’s Gate 3 Encumbered Bug: How To Fix

Being permanently heavily encumbered in BG3? Find out how to fix the Baldur's Gate 3 Encumbered bug.

If you are facing the Baldur’s Gate 3 Encumbered bug, you will be affected by the “Heavily Encumbered” status effect constantly. Some players are getting this status even when they are carrying the weight in the grey zone. This can be annoying because players are put at a major disadvantage as they can neither climb nor jump. With the movement speed heavily reduced, you also have disadvantages on Ability checks, saving throws, attack rolls, Strength, and Dexterity. But as players are plagued by this Encumberance glitch in Baldur’s Gate 3, they are wondering if there is a workaround to resolve it. Yes, there is. So, check out our guide on how to fix the Encumbered bug in BG3.

How to Fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Encumbered Bug

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You can fix the Encumbered bug in BG3 by throwing enough items on the ground to remove this status effect. Once you remove the Heavily Encumbered status effect for your main character, put the removed items on your party members. As confirmed by many players on Reddit, this workaround doesn’t resolve the status effect if you send party members the items directly.

However, if it didn’t resolve the bug, here are some workarounds to fix the Encumbered bug in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Kill and Revive your Main Character

You can kill your main character affected by the permanent Encumbrance bug to resolve this issue.

  • Then, use your companion characters and head to the camp.
  • You can speak with the Hooded Skeleton (Withers) to revive the MC. For that, you must pay 200 Gold.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Scroll of Revivify to revive your character.
  • While you can also use the Revivify spell to revive your character.

Loading Previous Saves

As it worked out for many players, load the previous save file which is not affected by the Encumbered bug in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you use the Save Scumming tactic quite often, this workaround might resolve the issue for you conveniently.

Contact Larian Studios

If none of the workarounds resolved the issue for you, we recommend contacting Larian Studios. Over there, select the Larian Support section and describe your faced bug by attaching a screenshot or video file. Then, wait for some time until the devs reply to you with a suitable workaround.

That’s all about how to fix the Baldur’s Gate 3 Encumbered bug. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out how to fix the unable to create a working story error, how to fix the slack-skinned head bug, and explore more Baldur’s Gate 3 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.