Connection Timed Out Error In Palworld – How To Fix

The Connection Timed Out error in Palworld can obstruct your gaming experience, especially while playing Multiplayer with friends. Our guide will help you find a fix to this problem.

Palworld is filled with all the features you are looking for in an open-world survival game. With elements like base building, crafting, capturing and taming Pals, etc., it has quickly gained a lot of attention. Consequently, with so many players trying to access this game, it is no doubt that Palworld fans will encounter some mishaps. Players have recently been complaining about getting the Connection Timed Out error.

Since this issue directly seems to only have an impact on the multiplayer servers, players seem to be getting frustrated about the constant flow of issues and glitches, especially when they are trying to enjoy a game with their friends. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to resolve this error and get back to building your base or collecting creatures, here’s everything you need to do to effectively fix this issue.

How to Fix Connection Timed Out error in Palworld

How To Fix Connection Timed Out Error In Palworld
Image Source – Steam

Since this issue is directly linked to multiplayer servers, to get rid of the Connection Timed Out error, players will have to wait till the developers announce that the servers have stabilized and are back online. This issue seems to take place due to a server outage, hence it is necessary to keep checking the server status.

To do this you can either check the Palworld server status page or even keep checking their X account (Twitter) for updates about the server downtime. Additionally, if you are not able to find any substantial information via both these platforms, you can also visit their Discord server. However, if the servers are stable and you are still facing this error, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try out:

  • Check Internet Connection – You will have to make sure your internet network is not encountering any disruptions as the Connection Timed Out error can also appear due to an unstable internet connection.
  • Restart Palworld – Sometimes players might also be experiencing a minor glitch. Therefore, if your internet connection as well as the game’s servers are stable, you can simply try restarting your game and checking if the error still persists.
  • Delete and Reinstall the game – Lastly, if none of these methods have helped you get rid of this error, you will have to delete and then redownload Palworld. Once it has been installed, you can launch the game and check if the issue has been resolved.

This is everything you need to know in order to fix the Connection Timed Out error. Since you find Palworld interesting, you can also browse through our Palworld Cheats guide and read about how you can cure depressed Pals, all available here on Gamer Tweak.