Are Palworld Servers Down? – How To Check Server Status

Can’t connect to the Palworld servers? They might be down. Here’s how to check the server status.

While Palworld is still a fresh release, there is a huge number of players who want to try out the game. So, it’s only natural that the servers might face some additional load. With a few reports of multiplayer not working, players are concerned about their game time. Fortunately, you can check the Palworld server status before you start playing and make sure that the servers are working properly.

Servers going down for a new game are not really a major issue. Along with that, there are often scheduled maintenance during which the servers might not run. However, if you are unaware of how to check those, you might end up wasting your game time. So if you want to play uninterrupted multiplayer with friends, this guide will show you how to be updated on the server status and maintenance.

How to Check Palworld Server Status

Are Palworld Servers Down
Image Source: Steam

The best way to check the Palworld server status is to check the official X (Twitter) Page of the developers. They are likely to be the quickest ones to notify you if the servers are down. Having said that, it is possible that there might be some unforeseen issue that has not made its way onto the official account. In such cases, the best way to see if Palworld is down is by checking the Discord server. Unfortunately, there is no specific Downdetector page for Palworld at the time of writing.

Since there is too much load with new players coming in, it’s quite possible that this happens often during the starting stages of the game. Additionally, the game has too many dedicated servers running along with the private matches that players can host or join. These add up to the server load and may cause an outage sometime.

Also, the developers inform about any scheduled maintenance on their Twitter handle so it’s quite useful that you follow it and regularly check for updates. There could also be other underlying issues behind you not being able to play the game and it’s best if you contact Palworld Support to get some help.

That’s all there is from this guide. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Palworld guides in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.