Fortnite Stuck On ‘Checking Epic Services Queue’ Fix

Stuck on Checking the Epic services queue screen of Fortnite? Here’s how to fix it.

Is your Fortnite stuck on the Checking Epic services queue? This issue has been bothering the Fortnite players for years. We sometimes find this error while logging in to the game. It usually occurs after we have updated Fortnite. Seeing how it often appears after the update we have provided a few possible fixes.

There are both lengthy and short general fixes. We have given the solution according to the duration. So it would be best to try them in the order we have provided. The shortest one might fix the issue and save you time. With that said, let us check out the fixes.

How to Fix Fortnite ‘Checking Epic Services Queue’ Error

Fix Fortnite Checking Epic Services Queue Error
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Checking Epic services queue is something you see every time you log in to the game. The process should end in a few minutes but when it gets dragged or keeps retrying, then the issue occurs. So try these solutions to fix it and join the new season of the game.

Check Server Status

The first thing you must do every time any error occurs is to check the server status. Now there are two ways to check them. One you can take the help of the server status sites like Downdetector. And second, you can go to the Fortnite Status Twitter handle and learn about it. If the server is down or under maintenance, then you just need to wait for some time. But if it isn’t, then try other fixes.

Check Your Internet Connection

Games like Fortnite require a stable internet connection. So first make sure you have that. To check the speed, you can go to Google and search for a speed test. You’ll see the “Run Speed Test” button. Use it and check your internet speed.

Restart Epic & Fortnite

Close both Epic and Fortnite, and if possible restart the device. Make sure you are connected to a stable internet and try again after a few minutes. If you are still facing the problem, then try our other solutions.

Troubleshoot Epic Games Launcher

Troubleshoot Epic Games Launcher
Screenshot by Gamer Tweak
  1. First, exit the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Start the application again.
  3. Click on your profile icon from the top right.
  4. Next, select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  5. Scroll down and select the Troubleshoot.
  6. Press Troubleshoot Again.

Contact Support

If none of them worked for you, then it’s best to fill Support request from Epic Games. For that just go to the link, provide a screenshot, and describe your problem. And then start the live chat or submit an email request for it.

These were all the fixes you can try to unstuck the Fortnite Checking Epic services queue screen. If they worked for you, you should see our Fortnite section. We have covered topics like how to fix movement in Chapter 5, what Aura is, and Yellow Circle.