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Bluestacks Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate Error: How To Fix

Unable to play Pokemon Go on Bluestacks? Check out our guide on how to fix the Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error on Bluestacks.

Over the years, Pokemon Go has been a staple for the mobile players of the franchise. But along with the fun, the AR mobile game does have its few shortcomings. As players use Bluestacks to play it on their PCs, they are facing an error. Players are prompted with the Unable to Authenticate error as soon as they boot up the game. Not to worry, we have compiled some methods to resolve this issue. So, check out our guide on how to fix the Bluestacks Pokemon Go unable to authenticate error.


Fix Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error on Bluestacks

Here are all the methods or ways to resolve this error:

Install the Correct (Older) Version of Bluestacks

The most recent versions of Bluestacks don’t support Pokemon Go. If you have installed the latest versions of Bluestacks, this might be the reason you are facing this error. However, you can downgrade to the older versions of Bluestacks. You can download the Bluestacks version below to fix this error. That’s because Pokemon doesn’t support Android Nougat present in the above or latest versions. You can play Pokemon Go on Bluestacks 3 and its older versions to bypass this error.

Uninstall the Official Pokemon Go version

You might be facing this error due to installing the Official version of Pokemon Go. As none of the emulators support the game officially, you need to download the PG Sharp version. So, uninstall the official Pokemon Go version and install the PGSharp version.

bluestacks pokemon go unable to authenticate
Image Source – Pokémon Duke on YouTube.

In addition to the game, you also get several features with this version. These features include teleporting places, enhanced throws, auto-walk, custom GPX, and several other features. You can head over to the PGSharp website (link) to download and play Pokemon Go.

Restart the Device

If trying out the above methods did not resolve the issue, this is a classic workaround to resolve this issue. You can exit Pokemon Go and close the Bluestacks app on your PC. Then, restart your device. Lastly, launch Bluestacks and run the game to check if the error persists. This should hopefully resolve the Pokemon Go unable to authenticate error on Bluestacks.


But if that doesn’t resolve your issue, try out our next method.

Try other Emulators

Lastly, we suggest installing other Emulators if none of the above methods fixed the error. There are several other emulators like Bluestacks that support the PG Sharp version of Pokemon Go. Some alternatives for the emulators include Nox Player, MeMu player, Smart Gaga, and others. But note to not install the official version of Pokemon Go for these alternatives.


If you are facing this error without using any emulators, check out our guide on how to fix the Unable to Authenticate error for more insight.

Disclaimer: According to the official Pokemon Go’s Terms & Conditions, emulators are not allowed. So, be careful while using Bluestacks or any other Emulators. 

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