Unturned Fishing Guide: How To Fish

Check out this guide to know how you can catch fish in Unturned with a fishing rod.

Fishing is among the many important mechanics that players should be aware of in Unturned. In the survival sandbox game, players will have to collect resources, supplies and find weapons to survive in a modern-day zombie apocalypse. One of the sustainable food resources that players will come across in the game is fish. You can catch and cook them to replenish your hunger in Unturned. Although it takes some time and effort, so check out this guide further to know how to fish in the game.

How to Fish in Unturned (Explained)

how to fish in unturned

To get started with fishing in Unturned, you will need a fishing rod at your disposal. Players can get their hands on one after defeating the fisherman zombie on the pier in the campground or craft one themselves. The items you will need to craft one include x5 sticks and x2 ropes. After you have all the items, you can open the inventory and craft it in the game. Once done, follow the steps given below to fish in Unturned:

  • Find a water body in the game.
  • Cast the fishing line in the water holding the left mouse button.
  • Keep a tab on the bar next to the rod, once it turns green let go of the button.
  • If the floater sinks, adjust it by reeling the line.
  • You will see bubbles on the floater, though don’t reel the line yet.
  • Once the floater sinks and the rod starts moving, start reeling in by clicking the left mouse button.
  • Higher fishing skill in the game will give you a better opportunity to catch the fish.

Players can then cook the fish near a campfire and eat it to replenish their hunger. There are different types of fish you catch including Salmon, Bass, Trout, etc. It is worth mentioning that you will also get experience after catching the fish.

That’s everything covered on how to fish in Unturned. Check out our guides on how to build a base and how to spawn vehicles in the game, right here on Gamer Tweak.