RDR2 Online Fish Glitch – Easily Make Around 2000 Dollars An Hour

Simple glitch that allows unlimited fish without fishing

Making instant cash in RDR2 Online is not possible, you have to do different activities and if you dream make a thousand dollars then it is attached with hours of grinding. Luckily there are some proven methods that allow you to take a shortcut in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. There is a simple fish glitch in RDR2 Online that can help you to make around $2000 without any efforts. This RDR2 Online Fish Glitch guide is based on a Youtube video by Sonny Evans, you can scroll below and watch the video to see how the fish glitch actually works in Red Dead Redemption Online.

Unlimited Fish Glitch RDR2 Online

Fish glitch is pretty straightforward, find a peaceful place to fish where no one attacks you. Turn on your Defensive mode and the first fish you catch can be obtained multiple times without fishing. The amount of money depends on what kind of fish you catch first. Catch a fish and walk towards your horse, you have to place it on your horse saddle. Catch another fish of the same kind and take it towards your horse. Point your face towards the horsetail, he must be in your front with tail on the right side.

Put the fish on the saddle and the one you stored before will fall down. Pick that again and repeat the process, remember this is all about your position if you try keeping the fish in some other way the glitch will not work. It is necessary the horsetail should be on your right, store the fish and let the previous on fall. Pick that up and store it again, you have to keep doing this again and again unless you have enough Fish in your inventory. As soon as the fish falls it will still stay in your inventory and you can keep adding hundreds of fish.


As per the above video, you can collect seven fish a minute and approx 420 every hour. The player in the video caught Muskie that cost around $7.75 per fish. So the calculation is pretty simple, it can be your fastest way to catch enough fish and make thousands of dollars without putting any effort. The glitch is still working according to a recent comment. Enjoy Fishing.