RDR2 Woodpecker Location Guide – Perfect Woodpecker Carcass Map Location

A few hunting requests in RDR2 require you to hunt down some rare birds and animals. It can take hours to find their exact location and can be tiring. One of them is finding a woodpecker bird in Red Dead Redemption 2. This bird can be found in some secluded spots only, and you have to shoot them in the sky. In this RDR2 Woodpecker Location guide, you can check out two three-map locations where this bird usually spawns during the daytime.

RDR2 Woodpecker Locations

RDR2 Woodpecker Location

The first spot where you can find woodpeckers is flying over the north of the Dakota River. The river takes a curve, rides to the spot, and looks into the sky. The best time to spot the bird is during the daytime. Scan the sky for flying birds. You can hit them with a weapon or an arrow. Do not forget to watch where the bird falls. Just collect it, and you will find ample Woodpeckers in the above region. In case you are not able to get on then check out this second location.

RDR2 Woodpecker Location 2

The second place where you can find Woodpeckers is towards the north-west of West Elizabeth. Just ride over the road and you will find ample birds flying over, start hunting them down one by one. Again daytime will be the best for maximum visibility. To identify the bird, look for a red head, and grayish-white wings. They do not fly high, you can spot the bird easily and use focus mode to slow down time. Then shoot and it will fall.

RDR2 Woodpecker Location

The third place where you can find woodpeckers is on the northwest of Wallace station. Follow the river and look for a curved area. Ride around the grassy area during daytime and you will be able to spot many birds flying around.

During your search for Woodpeckers in RDR2, you will also come across different wildlife. Collecting them will help you earn some extra cash, there are more than 60 birds in RDR2. Each animal can be sold for some cash. A Grizzly Bear can get you around $6 to $7 easily. Similar animals that can be sold for the same price a Moose, Elk, Cougar, and Bison. Hunting them will get something between $5 to $7 depending on the animal’s condition.

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