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How To Get Rid Of Bounty In Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)

Here are the two ways to remove the bounty on your head in RDR2.

The quests and side quests in Red Dead Redemption 2 ask you to complete various criminal activities and they are not without consequences. If you’ve gained the attention of a witness or authorities and have got a bounty on your head, you need to know how to get rid of bounty in RDR2. By clearing it, you can access the area without worrying about getting caught or killed.

How to Clear & Get Rid of Bounty in RDR2

  • Players must pay the bounty amount at the Post Office to get rid of bounty in RDR2.
  • The other option is to surrender when you get caught by the Sheriffs and do your time in Jail. In the second scenario, interact with the law enforcement officer and choose to surrender from the options shown. Avoid whipping out your weapon, even by mistake, because this will lead to further complications and lower your honor.

The Post Office is marked on the map with an envelope symbol and there are a total of 11 locations. 7 of these have train stations attached so you can use them to travel fast from wherever you are. Visit the location and talk to the Clerk at the counter. After that, you will be able to pay off one or multiple bounties as they are divided by states.

These are the locations where you can find Post Offices:

With Train Stations:

  • Valentine
  • Emerald Station
  • Rhodes
  • Saint Denis
  • Annesburg
  • Riggs Station, near Strawberry
  • Wallace Station, near Strawberry

No Train Stations:

  • Van Horn Trading Post
  • Strawberry
  • Blackwater
  • Benedict Point

Players can keep an eye on the map because if there’s a bounty on your head, that area will show up in red. If it’s gone, the map will turn back to normal and you can roam in the area without any worry.

how to remove bounty rdr2

One of the lesser known features is that your gang members can get you out of jail under specific conditions. In most cases, you will see a cutscene of Arthur in a cell, you will lose some money and you will walk out unscathed. But sometimes, there might be a surprise and your friends will help you escape the law by breaking into the jail. This does lead to a higher bounty but it’s super fun.

Make sure to earn money and have enough of it beforehand because sometimes, the bounty amount can be high. If you are short of cash and are in a train, you can rob the train for money. Do note that you cannot use stagecoach to fast travel when you have an active bounty.

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