Who Are The Protagonists In GTA 6?

Many what to know who are the protagonists in GTA 6. Let's put all questions to rest.

10 long years have passed since the release of GTA 5. Many of us still remember the hype and excitement the gaming world had for a new entry into the hallowed GTA series. Now after years of speculation and talk, the arrival of GTA 6 seems inevitable. Many are curious to know who the main characters might be. Let’s look at all the news we have on the protagonist in GTA 6.

Who Are the Protagonists in GTA 6?

who are the protagonist in GTA 6

Rockstar is always trying to push the envelope and set new trends with each new game release and GTA 6 is no different. Official communications by Rockstar are still shrouded in mystery with only the development of the game confirmed. However thanks to the massive leak in September of last year, players got a rare look at what the game might eventually become.

Thanks to sources we can report that GTA 6 will have two protagonists. GTA 6 will feature the series’ first female protagonist. Players will take the role of Lucia, a Latina woman living in Miami. Lucia and her partner, whose name might be Jason seem to be inspired by infamous bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. Unlike in GTA 5 where you could switch between 3 male characters, the new game will involve missions with the couple taking on heists and other illicit activities.

With these two lovers in tow, GTA 6 looks like it might be a story of crime and passion. Looking at the recent trend of games making romance and relations a part of the story, GTA 6 might take the series into a new, more passionate direction. The relationship between Lucia and Jason can play a huge part in which direction the story takes. Will they survive or meet their inevitable end just like Bonnie and Clyde? Only time will tell.

That’s all the news we have on who are the protagonists in GTA 6. Check out our guide on GTA 6 Release Date and stick around on Gamer tweak for more news about the game.