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Where To Get Fingerprint Stone Shield In Elden Ring? (Location)

Check out our guide on where to get the Fingerprint Stone shield in Elden Ring.

While you need to equip all the powerful weapons and spirits to progress in Elden Ring, you also need to keep your guard up. As the name already suggests, the Fingerprint Stone shield is one of the Greatshields that deal with the Strength attributes. It is one of the heaviest shields but can be used to shove nearby enemies. So, here’s our guide on where to get the Fingerprint Stone shield in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Fingerprint Stone Shield Location


  • You can find this shield at the Cathedral of Forsaken located in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.
  • But before you get your hands on this Ancient Greatshield, you need to defeat Mohg, the Omen over there.
  • As you progress through this area, you might encounter several Frenzied Nomad and other enemies.
  • You can also fast travel to the Forsaken Depths if you have already discovered this site of Grace.
  • Once you have defeated Mohg, the Omen you can collect the treasure chest below the candle-lit altar.
  • Then, jump over the altar to find a hidden passage.
  • As you head straight and in the right direction, you will find a wooden bridge. You need to drop down cautiously onto the gravestones and wooden beams.
  • First, you need to drop on another wooden bridge connecting two Alcoves. Drop down to another wooden beam after that.
  • Now, drop down to a grave that’s sticking out.
  • From there, you will notice a grave that’s glowing runes. Drop down on that gravestone and retrieve the lost runes.
  • Now, you need to drop down to the left gravestone.
  • Then, finally, drop down to the gravestone with a corpse.
  • As you collect the Pillage remains, you can get the Inescapable Frenzy incantation and enter a small passage.
  • Take a right and find the Fingerprint Stone Shield at the end of the passage.
fingerprint stone shield elden ring
Image Source – x LunarGaming on YouTube.


How to Use Fingerprint Stone Shield?


  • This Greatshield weighs 29.0 and inflicts the Madness status build-up against enemies.
  • It has a default skill of Shield Bash that consumes 10 Focus points (FP).
  • You can upgrade the Fingerprint Shield with consumables and enchant it using magic.
  • In addition to that, you can also apply Ashes of War on this shield.
  • Rather than parrying, you can use this shield to clear out nearby enemies and during boss fights.

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