Project Slayers: Where To Find Zanegutsu Kuuchie

Zanegutsu Kuuchie is the successor of ex-Thunder Hashira and a formidable tier 1 boss which players will come across in Project Slayers. With the use of his Thunder breathing and lightning katana, he has immense power at his disposal to beat players in a battle. Now if you are looking to beat him and learn the Thunder-breathing style for yourself, here is our guide on where you can find Zanegutsu Kuuchie in Project Slayers.

Where to Find Zanegutsu Kuuchie in Project Slayers

zanegutsu kuuchie location in project slayers
Image source BokTheGamer on YouTube

Players can find Zanegutsu Kuuchie on the first map of the game itself atop the Zapiwara mountain. The mountain located north of the Kiribating village is the home of Jigoro and this is where you can learn the Thunder breathing style from him. If you are looking to beat Zanegutsu and also learn Thunder breathing, you will have to first complete some quests. When you complete all the quests in the line, you can finally face off with the Hashira in a battle. And if you are looking to solo him in a battle, you can head out directly in search of him.

Zanegutsu is one of the tough bosses to beat in the game. But once you defeat him, you can get your hands on a tier 1 chest and other potential rewards. Here are all the stats of Zanegutsu Kuuchie in the game

  • Max Health: 1000HP
  • Weapons: Lightning Katana
  • Fighting Style: Thunder Breathing
  • Drops: Tier 1 chest, Thunderclap & Flash Sixfold(increased 10% chance if you use Thunder breathing)
  • Moves and Skills:
    • LRLRL combo – 12 DMG per hit
    • LLRLR combo – 12 DMG per hit, 24 for shockwave
    • RRLRL combo – 12 DMG per hit, 24 for kick
    • Thunder Clap and Flash – 30 DMG
    • Heat Lightning – 23 DMG
    • Thunder Clap and Flash: Sixfold – 44 DMG

That is everything covered on where you can find Zanegutsu Kuuchie in Project Slayers. Also check out our guides on where you can find other bosses like Doma, Swampy & Tengen in Project Slayers right here on Gamer Tweak.