Where Is Doma Located In Roblox Project Slayers (Douma Location)

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After the Roblox Project Slayers 1.5 update, many players started the hunt to find the new boss Doma. If you’ve watched the Demon Slayer season 3, then you’ll be familiar with this new antagonist. This character is shown as the Upper-Rank Two demon who is pretty deadly in Project Slayers too. If you think you are powerful enough to take him down in the game, then we’ll tell you where he resides. But before you head there make sure you bring the best abilities you have. That’s because he has a pretty big health pool and uses Ice Demon Art combat style. With that being said, let’s see where is Doma located in the game.

Where to Find Doma in Project Slayers?

Douma Domian Location project slayer
Source Image: beastii

To find Doma aka Douma you’ll have to head to Devourer’s Jaw in Roblox Project Slayers. This is one of the new locations that you’ll have to unlock. However, there you’ll not be able to spot him in the open and will have to enter his secret domain. The entrance of his domain looks like a narrow tunnel blocked by some wooden planks. If you’re having trouble finding the Douma location, then scroll down for more details.

Where Is Doma located In Project Slayers
Source Image: beastii
  1. First, head to Devourer’s Jaw, for that you can always take the help of the Horse Guy.
  2. Once you reach the new area, you’ll have to find the narrow tunnels shown in the image above.

    Douma domain entrance
    Source Image: beastii
  3. This entrance is blocked by some wooden planks and is located opposite the Devourer’s Jaw Blacksmith.
  4. After entering the tunnel, move ahead and take a left.
  5. On the left, you’ll see a huge entrance and so simply keep moving further.

    Where to Find Douma
    Source Image: beastii
  6. Then, on your right, you’ll see Douma’s Domain.
  7. Enter and strike first to initiate the fight.

The trick to defeating Doma is pinning him against the wall and then applying all the abilities you have. As he has a 3000 Health, it might take a while. After defeating him if you didn’t get the rewards you are expecting, then come after 15 minutes and you’ll see Douma again. While you’re in his domain, don’t forget to grab the War Fans from there.

That sums up all about where is Doma located in Project Slayers. If you haven’t defeated the Swampy Boss yet, then check out his location. Also, take a look at the Project Slayers codes to obtain free rewards.

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