Minecraft: How To Find Slime Chunks

Slimes are one of the unique mobs that players will come across in Minecraft. They are valuable resources as the slimeballs dropped by them can be used to craft Sticky Pistons, Lead, Slime Block, etc. Although players can come across them in the swamp biomes, they have an even higher chance to spawn in underground Slime Chunks. These chunks are specific block areas underground where you can spot these gelatinous mobs. Having said that, locating them is a tricky task in the overworld. So here is our guide on how you can find Slime Chunks in Minecraft, to help you out with that.

How to Find Slime Chunks in Minecraft

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Players can come across Slime Chunks in any biome except for Mushroom Field Biome. Once you have the necessary equipment at your disposal start digging underground till Y-level 40. Once you reach the desired level tunnel out an area of 10 chunks long. In Minecraft, at this level, every 1 out of 10 chunks is a Slime Chunk. You will then be able to spot slimes in a 16×16 area. In the Java Edition, you can make sure they are inside the designated area by simply enabling the grid by pressing F3 + G. You can then mark their locations with torches or signs and farm them in the area itself

To make things even more easy, you can use tools like Chunk Base to find out the exact coordinates of the Chunk. To use the tool, you can follow the steps given below for a hassle-free experience

  • Head out to the Chunk Base site
  • Select the version of the game (Java/Bedrock)
  • Enter the seed of your world

Note: In Java Edition you can simply find your seed in-game by typing /seed in the chat. While in the bedrock version, you will have to head into your main menu and select Game.

This will lay out the X and Z coordinates of your world with green blocks denoted for Slimes. As the Slime Chunks are predetermined with the seeds you play, this makes it easier for you to make sure come across the right area. Once you have the coordinates, dig out the area like before to come across the exact chunk in the game.

That’s everything covered on how you can find Slime Chunks in Minecraft. If you are looking for what’s new in the latest update of the game, check out our guide on new commands & rules in Minecraft 1.20, right here on Gamer Tweak.