Minecraft 1.20: New Commands & Game Rules

The new Minecraft 1.20 update called Trails & Tales features new commands and game rules. If you’re a veteran player, you must know how commands are helpful in multiple ways like exploring, changing game rules, or simply having fun. With the new commands in Trails and Tales, you can do all of it, considering you’ve enabled the cheats or you’re in a dedicated server. In this guide, you can learn how to ride a mob, change block limits, and more with commands in Minecraft 1.20.

New Commands in Minecraft 1.20 (Game Rules & Accessibility Settings)

Here are all the new and modified commands in Minecraft 1.20 update. This includes commands from Snapshot 23w14a:

  • Ride Command
  • Return Command
  • Damage Command
  • Modification Block Limit Game Rule

Ride Command

New Ride Command in Minecraft 1.20
Image Source: MaxStuff on YouTube
  • Syntax: /ride <target> mount <vehicle>

With the ride command, you can make an entity ride another entity. You can also target yourself to ride another mob like a donkey or a cow. For example, if you’re in the vicinity of a cow, then you can type the following to ride it:

  • /ride yourname mount @e[type=cow,limit=1]

With the introduction of camel mob in Minecraft 1.20, you can use the ride command to instantly mount it.

Return Command

  • Syntax: /return <value>

The return command helps you to control the execution flow inside functions and change their return value. When run in a function, it will abort any following separate command in that function. If you often write functions, then this command will make it easier.

Damage Command

  • Syntax: /damage

With this command, you can damage any entity in your server. Note that you must enable the cheats if you’re using the Bedrock Edition. You can also choose the amount of hearts and damage type with this command.

Modification Block Limit Game Rule

Modify Block Limit Game Rule
Image Source: MaxStuff on YouTube
  • Syntax: /gamerule commandModificationBlockLimit

This is an interesting new game rule, which you can use to modify the maximum number of blocks you can change. Simply put, you can increase the number of blocks changed while using the /clone, /fill, or /fillbiome commands. It is set to 32,768 by default, but you can increase it with this game rule. However, it will strain your PC so make sure you have a decent build.

These are the new commands and game rules you can use in the new Minecraft 1.20 update. While you’re here, make sure you visit our Minecraft guides section to learn more about the Trails & Tales update.