Where Is Shiron In Project Slayers? (Location)

Shiron in Project Slayers is a student of Shinobu and has mastered her unique Insect Breathing Technique in the game. It is a formidable technique in the game and has distinct abilities that are great to use in a PvP battle. For players to get their hands on it, they will first have to complete some quests given by Shinobu and finally beat Shiron in a fight. Here is our guide on where you can find Shiron in Project Slayers.

Where is Shiron in Project Slayers?

shiron location in project slayers
Image source ferr0r on YouTube

Players can come across Shiron behind the Butterfly Mansion located east of Jinger’s Home. The mansion is used by all breathing style users as a training ground which is also where you can find Shinobu to start the questline to learn Insect Breathing. Before heading towards her you should make sure that you have 5000 wens on you. After going through Shinobu’s quests, you will finally be able to face off against Shiron. She will spawn atop the mountain behind the butterfly mansion. Though she might not be as hard going as other tier 1 opponents she still has the same health as them and some attacks at her disposal which can make this fight tricky. Here are all the stats for Shiron in Project Slayers

  • Max Health: 1500HP
  • Weapon: Shinobu’s katana
  • Fighting Style: Insect Breathing
  • Drops: Tier 1 chest, Shinobu’s Haori, Shinobu’s Katana
  • Moves and Skills:
    • LRLRL combo – 17 DMG per hit(blockable)
    • LLRLR combo – 17 DMG per hit, 3 per hit in the barrage
    • RRLRL combo – 17 DMG per hit, 10 for kick
    • True Flutter – 40 DMG
    • Mantis Kick – 40 DMG
    • Jaw Breaker – 8 on first, 17 on second

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