Where Is Sanemi Located In Project Slayers?

Sanemi is the current Wind Hashira and one of the strongest boss players will face in Project Slayers. He has mastered the art of Wind Breathing and is regarded as the strongest user of the technique. To learn this breathing style players will have to find and defeat him in a 1v1 fight. So if you are looking to face off with the Hashira in the game, here is our guide on where you can find Sanemi in Project Slayers.

Where is Sanemi in Project Slayers?

sanemi location in project slayers
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Players can find Sanemi north of Kabiwaru village behind a small house which is Jinger’s home(Wind Trainer). Though the cottage is located near Kabiwaru village, players will find this to be more secure as demons don’t attack as frequently as they do in the village. If you are looking to learn the unique Wind Breathing Technique you will first have to go through a series of quests before facing Sanemi in battle. For this, you will need to be above level 15 & have 5000 wens at your disposal, after which you can talk to Jinger to start the quests. After completing a series of quests you will have to finally defeat the wind Hashira in a 1v1 fight. Here are all the stats that Sanemi possesses in the game

  • Max Health – 1500HP
  • Weapon: Wind katana
  • Fighting Style: Wind Breathing
  • Drops: Tier 1 chest, Itaden Typhoon(15% chance), Wind katana
  • Moves and Skills:
    • LRLRL combo – 14 DMG per hit(blockable)
    • LLRLR combo – 14 DMG per hit, 28 for shockwave
    • RRLRL combo – 14 DMG per hit, 28 for kick
    • Purifying Wind – 30
    • Dust Whirlwind Cutter – 42
    • Itaden Typhoon – 26 for the first 2, 20 for the remaining

That is everything covered on where you find Sanemi in Project Slayers. Check out our guide on how to get ores & unlock Yatagarasu masks in Project Slayers.

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