How To Unlock The Yatagarasu Mask In Project Slayers

This is how you can unlock and get Yatagarasu Mask in Roblox Project Slayers and get helpful effect buffs.

Yatagarasu Mask is a rare item of Roblox Project Slayers that players unlock to get +0.05% EXP,x1.05% Drop Rate, and +50 HP effects. The game has given it Mythic items status since obtaining it is as difficult as Flame Katana and Beast Katanas. Plus, there are a few things to be kept in mind while hunting for Yatagarasu Mask in Project Slayers, all of which we have explained below, so read along.

How to Get Yatagarasu Mask in Roblox Project Slayers

Get Yatagarasu Mask in Roblox Project Slayers
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Like most Project Slayers items this is also obtained from drop chests. Tier 3 and Tier 5 chests have the highest chance of dropping them. The chance of getting a Mask from a Tier 3 chest is 0.25% and from Tier 5 it’s 0.5%. Both of these stats are pretty low, but with some time investment and this list of enemies, you can unlock the Mask in no time.

Tier 3 Bosses List

The chance of getting Yatagarasu Mask from these bosses is low, but they are comparatively easier to defeat. And they also drop items like Flame Katana, Snow Katana, and Sound Katanas.

  • Inosuke – Uses Beast Katana and Beast Breathing. You will find him in Beast Cave (Ouwohana)
  • Muichiro – Located at Mist Trainer Location (Ouwohana). Follows Mist Breathing combat style and uses Mist Katana.
  • Enmu (Emne) – She uses Fist and Dream Manipulation combat style. You can find her in Frozen Lake (Ouwohana). She occasionally drops Yatagarasu Mask in Project Slayers, so you should focus on her.
  • Renpeke – Renpeke is found in Wop City (Ouwahana) and uses Flame Katana and Flame Breathing style.
  • Swamp Demon (Swampy) – Swamp Demon uses his Fists and combats with Swamp Demon Art. You will find him in Wop City (Ouwohana).
  • Sound Trainee – His weapon is Dual Green Katana, and he uses the Sound Breathing technique. Sound Trainee is a late-game boss that appears in Sound Cave.

Tier 5 Enemies to Drop Yatagarasu Mask

  • Rengoku – Rengoku uses the Flame Breathing technique and Flame Katana. And can be found in Rengoku’s Home (Ouwohana).
  • Akaza (Akeza) – This Shockwave Demon uses Shockwave Blood Demon Art with Soryu. You will find him in Akeza Cave (Ouwohana).
  • Tengen – You will find him in Sound Cave, using the Sound Breathing technique and Sound Cleavers.
  • Douma – Douma can be found in Devourer’s Jaw. He uses Ice Demon Art and Fist.

These were all the Bosses who drop Yatagarasu Mask in Project Slayers. Based on your level and power, focus on one of them and keep beating till it drops the Mask. Once you have unlocked the item, check our other Project Slayers guide, like how to get Thunder & Water Breathing technique and the best way to find Blue Lily Flowers.

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