Portals In No Man’s Sky: How To Find Them (Location Guide)

Struggling to find a Portal in No Man's Sky? Don't worry, here's all about it.

In No Man’s Sky (NMS), the very first thing you should do is find the Portals near you. That’s because it allows you to traverse around the stars & regions without breaking a sweat. However, not only finding it is the tricky part but activating it for the first time can also be a hassle. But if you are looking forward to unlocking the Portal at any cost, then we’ll help you speed up the process. So go ahead and scroll down for a walkthrough to locate & activate it in the game.

Where Can I Find & Activate Portals in NMS?

Where Can I Find & Activate Portals in NMS. How to find Monolith
Source Image: Double Dash Gaming

In NMS, to find Portals you’ll first have to locate an Alien Monolith Structure. That’s because it will help you find Portal easily. If you’ve already come across this structure before then simply head near it. But if you haven’t, then let’s take a look at an in-detailed walkthrough. Before moving further, ensure you have unlocked the 16 Glyphs required to activate the portal. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, then simply complete the Arthemis Path storyline in the A Leap in the Dark quest.

  1. First, go ahead and buy a Planetary Chart known as Alien Cartographic Data from a Cartographer shop located on any Space Station. Once you find the merchant, simply interact with it and select the Exchange Specific Charts option. Doing so will allow you to buy the Planetary Chart in return for some Navigation Data or Nanites.
  2. After that, simply exit the space station and go to any planet. Once done, go ahead and open your inventory to use the Planetary Chart from the Exosuit tab. As soon as you click on it chart it will start looking for a Monolith nearby you. And after it exposes the alien structure location, simply head over there. But if you don’t find one, then head to any other location and try again.
  3. Next, interact with the Monolith and use your NMS knowledge to solve a riddle. Usually, the hint to the correct answer is hinted at in the text. However, giving the wrong answer will not allow you to use the Monolith. In this case, you can always reload the previous autosave created as soon as you stepped out from your ship.
  4. Once you’ve solved the riddle, interact with the structure again and you’ll get the option to find a Portal in NMS. For this process, you’ll need one of the relics such as Gek Relic, Korvax Casing, and Vy’keen Dagger. Depending on the dominant race of the solar system you are in. So we’d recommend you purchase all 3 Relics from traders beforehand, just to save some time.
  5. And after the structure reveals a Portal location, go near it and hover over the control pedal to charge it by using materials like. Cobalt, Copper, Oxygen, Carbon, Sodium, etc. Once done, simply select the option to Activate the portal.

    Where Can I Find & Activate Portals in NMS
    Source Image: Double Dash Gaming
  6. Then the game will ask you to enter the sequence (address) of the region or planet you want to teleport to. That can be done by using the 16 Glyphs you’ve unlocked by completing the Arthemis Path storyline in A Leap in the Dark quest. Moreover, apart from the quest you can always unlock them by interacting with the Travelers in Space Station and asking them Where are they from.

That covers everything about how you can find & activate portals in No Man’s Sky (NMS). While you’re here check out the top 5 best Starship weapons to equip in the game. Also, take a look at the best ways to make money easily.