Best Ways To Make Most Money In No Man’s Sky (2023)

Here are some of the best ways that you can use to make money and get everything you want in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky had a bad reception when it launched and there wasn’t much to do or any motive to make money. Since then, Hello Games have put time and effort into No Man’s Sky to make it the game that everyone was expecting it to be. Today it is one of the best space exploration games out there. Let’s take a look at how you can experience all that No Man’s Sky has to offer by making money fast.

Best Methods to Make Money in No Man’s Sky 2023

No Man’s Sky is a very open-ended game that lets you decide how you want to make your money. There are multiple avenues to make money, almost as if having different career options to choose from. These are some of the best options to make money so far:

  • Scanning undiscovered flora & fauna
  • Farm and sell Whispering Eggs
  • Be a space pirate
  • Scavenge and sell Ancient Bones

Scanning undiscovered flora & fauna in NMS

make money no mans sky

By far the calmest and most relaxing method to make lots of money in No Man’s Sky. In this method, you will need to find the best upgrades possible for your Analysis Visor on your Multi-Tool. The more upgrades you have the more money you will get for discovering new flora and fauna with your visor. All you have to do is find undiscovered species and scan them. This method is good for the explorers out there that just like to go around exploring new planets.

Farm and sell Whispering Eggs

make money no mans sky

There is a lot of money to be made in No Man’s Sky by selling alien eggs known as Whispering Eggs. These are found around abandoned buildings. To find these buildings, go to a cartographer at a space station with Navigation Data. You need to buy the planetary chart with ‘Emergency Cartographic Data’. Head down onto a planet and use this chart and it will point you to the nearest Abandoned building.

You will find these Whispering Eggs all around the building in nests. Be warned that once you take one there will be hostile alien monsters that will come to attack you. Once you got your fill or your inventory is full, just go up to a space station and sell it for lots of money.

Be a Space Pirate

make money no mans sky

One of my personal favorite methods to make money in No Man’s Sky, being a space pirate. In this method, you have to raid trading capital ships that randomly spawn in any system. They have tons of valuable resources in their storage containers that can be destroyed from the outside using your weapons on your spaceship. You can even find illegal items which are even more valuable, but you will have to be ready for Sentinels to attack you if they scan that item in your cargo.

Scavenge and sell Ancient Bones

ancient bones nms

Another great method for the explorers to make money in No Man’s Sky. There are certain planets that can have Ancient Bones buried beneath their surface. You can tell this when you scan a planet from space it will have an ‘Ancient Bones’ affix on it. Get down on this planet and find buried treasures with your scanner. Once you got your fill of it, just go back and sell them at the space station.

These are all the best methods to make money in No Man’s Sky. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on No Man’s Sky like how to get S-class Multitool and how to find Corrupted Planets.