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How To Get Corrupted Planets In No Man’s Sky

Take the fight to the sentinels by finding a Corrupted Planet in the Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky has introduced a new Corrupted Planet type in the new Interceptor update. The main draw to these planets is that you will be able to find new equipment and items that you cannot on any other type of planet. Let’s take a look at how you can easily find Corrupted Planets in No Man’s Sky (NMS)

How to Easily Find Corrupted Planets in No Man’s Sky

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Finding a Corrupted Planet in No Man’s Sky is as much RNG as finding any other type of planet. It is also quite a rare one like Paradise Planets. However, there is one guaranteed way to find it but it requires you to already be geared up and equipped enough to take down a lot of Sentinal forces. Let’s go over both the regular and the difficult but guaranteed ways to find Corrupted Planets in NMS.

The Normal Way to Find a Corrupted Planet

So this method requires a lot of luck if you want to find it quickly, but you will eventually find it nonetheless. Here are the steps to it:

  • Go out into space with your ship and start scanning planets around you.
  • Check for the planets that have a higher sentinel presence, it is likely that can be corrupted.
  • Keep doing this and explore different systems until you find a Corrupted Planet.
  • You will know it’s corrupted if it has purple crystals all over its surface and strange hostile robot machines everywhere.

The Hard but Guaranteed Way to Find a Corrupted Planet

So you are either an experienced player who has a lot of resources already or you are just tired of trying your luck. Either way, this method will get you to a Corrupted Planet in No Man’s Sky by the end of it.

  • First, find a higher Sentinel activity planet, this is just to make the next step easier.
  • Find Sentinels on the planet and start fighting them. You need to get a wanted level on you.
  • At any point, after getting at least 3 wanted levels, fly out into space and continue fighting Sentinels in space.
  • Fight Sentinels until you get max wanted level, this will make the Sentinal Capital Ship spawn.
  • Battle with the Sentials and destroy the Capital Ship, this will now get rid of your wanted status but it will also point you to a planet in a different system as a strange signal.
  • Go to this planet in that system and this planet will be a Corrupted Planet.

That is all you need to know to find Corrupted Planets in No Man’s Sky (NMS). For more guides like this, check out our other articles on No Man’s Sky like how to get a Sentinel ship and how to locate downed Interceptors.