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How To Get S-Class Multi-Tool In No Man’s Sky

Check out this guide to know the ways to get an S-Class Multi-Tool in No Man's Sky.

Each game has a set of equipment that comes in handy during progression. In No Man’s Sky, there are Multi-tools that play the role of such equipment. It comes in various classes that include S (Best Class), A, B, and C (Worst Class). There is no doubt that every player would like to obtain the S-Class Multi-Tool only. But you should also consider the fact that the best tool is always rare to find. That being said, here’s our guide that features the ways through which you can obtain an S-Class Multi-Tool in No Man’s Sky.

Where to Get S-Class Multi-Tool in No Man’s Sky

For those who don’t know, the spawn rate of S-Class equipment like a Multi-tool is more on Planets with a good economy. Since outer space is very vast, you can use an Economy Scanner to filter the Planets with good economy. Install this technology in your spaceship to get started. Further, you will know a Planet is wealthy if it has 3 Stars.

Where to Get S-Class Multi-Tool in No Man's Sky

Once there, head to the Space Station to check the Multi-Tool Cabinet. If you get an A-Class tool instead of an S-Class tool, then there are chances of obtaining the latter one.

Where to Get S-Class Multi-Tool in No Man's Sky
Image Source – Q Ball Gaming (YouTube)

Each Planet in a system has its own pool of Multi-tools. However, this pool is completely random and can be switched by reloading the game. To do so, create a Save point and reload the game using it on the existing Planet. Once you get there, you will notice that the Multi-tool pool has changed. Keep reloading until you get an S-Class Multi-tool in No Man’s Sky.

Other normal methods to get an S-Class Multi-tool includes purchasing it from a Multi-Tool Merchant within a regulated system Space Station. Moreover, you can get it by visiting Space Anomaly and interacting with Polo there. In addition, there are chances that you may get an S-Class Multi-Tool from Minor Settlements or while investigating a Crashed Ship.

Also, keep in mind that in rare cases, an NPC can gift you an S-Class Multi-tool in No Man’s Sky. Although, keep in mind that Multi-tools found near Crashed Ships or from an NPC may need repairing.

That is pretty much everything you can do to get the S-Class Multi-Tool in No Man’s Sky. While you are here, make sure to check out our other No Man’s Sky Guides on Gamer Tweak.