No Man’s Sky Crashed Ships: How To Find Them

Check out this guide to know how to find the Crashed Ships in No Man's Sky.

Are you looking for Crashed Ships while playing No Man’s Sky? If yes, then your journey has now ended. Much like other Points of Interest, heading over to a Crashed Ship will be beneficial as well. Once you have found one, you can either repair it for self-use or scrap it to earn resources. However, there is no fixed location on which you can find a Crashed Ship. In fact, you will have to explore deep in-game to get your hands on it. But the question still remains the same, where to find it? Here’s everything you should know.

How to Find Crashed Ships in No Man’s Sky

How to Find Crashed Ships in No Man's Sky
Image Source – BunkzGaming (YouTube)

You can find a Crashed Ship in No Man’s Sky in several ways. Here are they:

Use Transmission Towers

On each Planet you visit, there is a huge Transmission Tower that is hard to miss. Once inside, you will come across a puzzle that can be solved with basic knowledge of Mathematics. Upon solving that puzzle, you will get the location of the Distress Signal of a Crashed Ship or Crashed Freighter.

Use Nautilon Exocraft

If you are a regular No Man’s Sky player, then you may know the importance of a Nautilon Exocraft. It can scan for underwater minerals along with POIs like Crashed Ships, Crashed Freighter, Ruins, etc. If you using Nautilon to find a Crashed Ship in No Man’s Sky, then make sure to enter a Planet with the most part covered under water.

Use Planetary Charts

For those who don’t know, Planetary Charts when activated marks POI on the map. In the case of a Crashed Ship, you should use a Distress Signal Chart. Planetary Charts can be acquired in exchange for Navigation Charts. Also, keep in mind that the best sources to farm Navigation Charts include Ancient Data Structures, Waypoints, and Encrypted Navigation Data.

That’s pretty much everything you can do to find Crashed Ships in No Man’s Sky. While you are here, make sure to check out our other No Man’s Sky Guides on Gamer Tweak.