Freighter In No Man’s Sky: How To Get It For Free

Struggling to store your hard-earned items? Check out how to get a Freighter for free in NMS

In No Man’s Sky, Freighter is one of the most useful things a player should have. As veteran players must be familiar with, after discovering various things around galaxies they run out of space to keep their items. And to resolve that issue, Freighter is a huge floating Star ship, that offers plenty of storage. However, getting one is not that easy, but don’t worry we are here to help. In this guide below we have mentioned all you need to know about how you can buy or get a Freighter for free.

Where Can I Buy Freighter in No Man’s Sky

How To Get Freighter In No Man's Sky
Source Image: GamerCory

In No Man’s Sky, you can buy a Freighter by boarding the one you like, and then speaking with the captain. After doing that, you can easily pay him the Units and the Star Ship will be all yours. However, it’ll not come for cheap. And usually, the captains ask for a massive amount of Units, which can go to more than 100 million. If you have that amount of cash then buying the Freighter will not be a problem for you. But if you’ve recently started playing the game, then that might ruin your mood a bit. But don’t worry there’s another way to get this huge Star Ship for free. To know more, simply scroll down a little and you’ll be good to go.

How to Claim Free Freighter in NMS

How to Get Freighter for Free in NMS
Source Image: SurvivalBob

In No Man’s Sky to get a Freighter for free all you have to do is save the one who is under attack. To do so, first, you’ll have to find a Freighter getting attacked by the pirates. And that can be done by simply warping/ jumping a few systems. According to some players, jumping 4 to 5 times at least can help you find a fleet under attack. But sometimes it might also take hours to spot one. As soon as you come across one, go ahead and destroy the pirate ship in order to save the Freighter and that’ll do the trick. Once done, the captain will reach out to you and invite you to his ship. And then he will also offer his Freighter, which you can claim for free.

However, we don’t recommend you take the very first fleet you save from attack. That’s because some players have reported that it will not be that good and only have 19 storage slots. On the other hand, the second Freighter you save in NMS can have up to 25 slots. So in this case, simply decline the first offer or take the cash and leave.

That covers all about how you can purchase a Freighter or get one for free in No Man’s Sky. If you’ve already started your grind then check out how to get Corrupted planets in the game. Also, take a look at ways to get Exocraft easily.