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No Man’s Sky: How To Get Glyphs

Have access to a portal and want to go to another galaxy in No Man's Sky? You should get the 16 glyphs needed to go where you like.

In No Man’s Sky, you need to get Glyphs if you want to use Portals. And if you are wondering why you need portals, then that answer is simple. To travel from one galaxy to another. But for traveling you need a code for that galaxy. Once you find a portal you can simply use its DHD (Dial Home Device) to enter the address of the galaxy you want to visit. And that is where the glyphs come in, these glyphs make up the address of the galaxy you are at or want to go to. So in this guide let us check how to get glyphs in No Man’s Sky (NMS) and check the Glyphs list.

How to Get Glyphs in No Man’s Sky


how to get glyphs in no mans sky (nms)
Image Credit: No Man’s Sky Fandom

There are two ways to get glyphs in NMS:

  • Complete mission The Purge
  • Extracting Glyphs from Graves


Here is how both methods work.

Completing the mission Purge to get Glyphs in No Man’s Sky

This is the recommended method at least by the game because you get all 16 glyphs simply as you progress. The only problem is this method can be very slow.


  1. Start by progressing in the Awakening’s Questline.
  2. As you continue you will eventually meet a character Artemis.
  3. Through this NPC you will get “The Purge” mission.
  4. Now, all you have to do is make progress in this mission and you will learn all 16 glyphs as you play it.

Extracting Glyphs from Graves

Interacting with graves teaches you Glyphs.


  1. You can find the NPC Travellers at the space stations. Though they are not present at all stations, you can still find them at times.
  2. Talk to them and give them 100 Nanites in exchange for the location of the Graves in the system you are at.

The only problem with this method is as mentioned above there can be no Travellers at the space station. Also, the order in which you learn about the glyphs will most likely not be as intended by the game.

Glyphs list in NMS

These are all the 16 glyphs that you can learn in this game.

  • Sunset: Glyph 01
  • Bird: Glyph 02
  • Face: Glyph 03
  • Diplo: Glyph 04
  • Eclipse: Glyph 05
  • Balloon: Glyph 06
  • Boat: Glyph 07
  • Bug: Glyph 08
  • Dragonfly: Glyph 09
  • Galaxy: Glyph 10
  • Voxel: Glyph 11
  • Fish: Glyph 12
  • Tent: Glyph 13
  • Rocket: Glyph 14
  • Tree: Glyph 15
  • Atlas: Glyph 16

That covers this guide on how to get glyphs in No Man’s Sky (NMS). If you found this guide to be useful and are looking for help with other games then be sure to check our Video Game Guides at Gamer Tweak.