Top 5 Best Starship Weapons To Equip In No Man’s Sky

Here are the best weapons to equip on your starship to easily take down all your enemies in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky has a number of different choices when it comes to starship weapons. You can build your starships as you like, based on your own playstyle. While it can be said that most if not all weapons are viable, some are definitely stronger than others. The game provides enough variety that it can be fun to try and experiment around with different builds with a mix of weapons. Let’s take a look at the top 5 weapons and which ones are better.

Top 5 Best Weapons to Equip on Starship in No Man’s Sky

best starship weapons no mans sky

Listed below are the top 5 of the best weapons that you can use on your starship in No Man’s Sky:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Positron Ejector
  • Phase Beam
  • Photon Cannon
  • Infrakinfe Accelerator

5. Rocket Launcher

While you would think a thing such as Rocket Launcher would be the best of them all, it is not all that. However, it is a very effective weapon in the right hands as it requires skill to use. This weapon can deal high amounts of burst damage that can be enough to take out weaker ships altogether. But the problem with this weapon lies in actually getting that hit on enemy ships. It lacks any guidance and is required to be aimed manually at your targets.

4. Positron Ejector

The Positron Ejector in No Man’s Sky is the equivalent of a shotgun weapon on your starship. It fires a scattering projectile which is highly effective at close range. It can lock on enemies within range and also has a very fast cooldown when overheated. This weapon is great for 1v1 dogfights and can flip the tables on your side when used correctly. It also does increased damage when hitting the enemy from behind. Its only downside is the extreme lack of range, you will need to get up-close and personal if you want to do optimum levels of damage so it does require a certain level of piloting skills if not aiming.

3. Phase Beam

Ever needed an alternate way to recharge your shields without using resources? Look no further than the Phase Beam. This is a highly powerful long-range laser that is very effective against enemy shields. It can drain the enemy shields while recharging your own at the same time. This weapon is highly recommended to have just because of its shield-recharging capabilities alone as it can save you from a bad situation while making sure you can continue fighting.

2. Photon Cannon

The Photon Cannon is the default weapon that comes equipped on all starships in No Man’s Sky yet it is one of the best. It is by far the most balanced weapon in terms of damage, range, cooldown, etc. This makes it a perfectly reliable weapon for all kinds of situations. So, it can also be used in combination with other weapons including the ones mentioned in this article. With proper upgrades, it can be a deadly weapon to bring down your enemies.

1. Infraknife Accelerator

The Infrakinfe Accelerator is a fast-rate-of-fire weapon that can bring down enemies very quickly. It is similar to the photon cannon only difference is that it fires much faster and overheats as quickly as well. But when used by a skilled pilot, if you can able to land all hits perfectly and manage the overheating well, this is by far the best weapon right now in No Man’s Sky. When upgraded properly, it can melt through the enemy shields and hull too. It doesn’t have any lock-on and requires manual aim but rewards landing the hits just as much. No matter which other weapons you choose to equip, this should always be there as one of your weapons.

Those were the top 5 best weapons to use in No Man’s Sky. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on No Man’s Sky like how to get better class starships and how to upgrade your Exosuit.