How To Get Upgrades For Exosuit In No Man’s Sky

Cant survive for too long on hazardous planets? You might need some Exosuit upgrade modules before you head out.

No Man’s Sky is a survival game at its core, and you are going to need upgrades on your Exosuit if you intend to survive the harshest planets. The game features millions of planets to explore, all with different climate conditions too. Some planets can be boiling hot while some freezing cold. There are also other threats you need to watch out for like Sentinels and hostile flora & fauna. Let’s take a look at how you can save yourself from all this.

How to Upgrade Exosuit in No Man’s Sky

upgrade exosuit no mans sky

Each player in No Man’s Sky starts with the same default suit with no upgrades. This default has 24 cargo slots and 10 technology slots. Three of these technology slots will be equipped with basic survival tech that is required to stay alive. These are Life Support, Hazard Protection, and Jetpack.

There are three different ways in which you can upgrade your Exosuit, they are as follows:

  • Exosuit Inventory Upgrades
  • Exosuit Technology Blueprints
  • Exosuit Technology Upgrades

Exosuit Inventory Upgrades

upgrade exosuit no mans sky

While you only start with limited slots in your inventory for cargo in inventory in No Man’s Sky, you can upgrade and increase this. To get more inventory and technology slots, you can purchase additional slots on Space Stations and on the Space Anomaly. They can also be obtained from Nexus missions but you can also find them while exploring on crashed Drop Pods on the planet’s surface.

Exosuit Technology Blueprints

upgrade exosuit no mans sky

Blueprints are core upgrades that add more abilities to your existing technology, like the Airburst Engine for Jetpacks that adds the ability to recharge jetpack during mid-air flight. Other more common blueprints can improve the percentages and stats. These unique upgrades can only be applied once. Blueprints can be found while exploring buildings on planets or as rewards for completing quests. Also, some can be purchased at the Space Anomaly.

Exosuit Technology Upgrades

upgrade exosuit no mans sky

These Exosuit upgrades in No Man’s Sky are stats based and can only be bought from technology merchants with Nanites. The exact increase in stats is not always the same however the rarity determines a certain amount. For example, a Tier C, the lowest tier upgrade, won’t increase in given stats more than Tier S, the highest tier. But, lower-tier upgrades are cheaper than higher ones. There is also Tier X which has a random chance of being as bad as the worst tier but also can be as good or slightly better than Tier S.

Protection upgrades like Toxic Protection, Heat Protection, etc. are recommended to survive harsh climates. That is all you need to on how to upgrade Exosuit in No Man’s Sky. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on No Man’s Sky like how to find Paradise Planets and also best ways to make money.