How To Find Paradise Planets In No Man’s Sky

Let’s learn how you can find those lush vibrant Paradise Planets to explore or build your base on in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky features millions of unique planets to explore, some are even Paradise Planets. Each planet has its own unique set of plants and animals along with the color of the sky, its mood, etc. This is done by utilizing procedural generation which makes sure every planet is unique. There are strange alien planets then there are earth-like planets. If you are looking to build a base, you might want to do it on a Paradise Planet. Let’s take a look at how you can find Paradise Planets.

How to Find Paradise Planets in No Man’s Sky

paradise planets no mans sky

Paradise Planets are very rare to find in No Man’s Sky as one would assume. These have a rare chance to exist in the system even if it meets all the criteria of it being there. So it is going to take some luck to find it sooner rather than later.

First, let’s understand the different types of systems. The types of systems are defined by the color of their star. These systems are namely yellow, green, red, and blue star systems. It is important to note that the highest chance of finding a Paradies Planet is only in the yellow star systems. It is possible to find it in the other type of systems but the chances are incredibly rare so you might as well not try it.

In order to understand which system would be most suitable for Paradise Planet in No Man’s Sky to be in, this is what you need to do:

  • When in Galaxy Map, look for a yellow-looking star and highlight it. This will show you its distance to you and also what looks like a code beside it.
  • You are trying to find one that has G and f in its code, this means it’s a yellow star system. The number between these letters signifies the temperature of the system. 0 means the coldest possible and 10 would mean the hottest possible. You need to find one that is between 4 and 6. This would set an optimal temperature for a Paradies Planet to be in.
  • Try to find a system that has many celestial bodies, once you found one that meets all the requirements, warp to it.
  • Scan every planet and check if it says ‘Paradise Planet’ in its description. It might take a few warps to a few different systems to find one.

That is how you can find Paradise Planets in No Man’s Sky. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on No Man’s Sky like how to find Corrupted Planets and how to find an S-class Multitool.