How To Get Better Class Starship In No Man’s Sky

Junaid Shaikh
3 Min Read

No Man’s Sky features intense space combat against Pirate and Sentinels alike, which is why you will always need better and better Space ships aka Starships to deal with them. While there wasn’t much to do in terms of space combat when the game launched but since then, it has got many updates that improve almost everything about it. It now even has multiple new types of ships to choose from. Let’s take a look at these and how to get them.

How to Get the Better Starships in No Man’s Sky

better starship no mans sky

Before we get to getting better Starships in No Man’s Sky, let’s learn more about the. There are 8 types of Starships which are Fighter, Explorer, Hauler, Exotic, Shuttle, Interceptor, Solar, and Living Ship. Each of these types is designed to do certain tasks better than the others or can be a good mix of specific capabilities. Despite this, you should know that ultimately you can build any type of Starship to perform any type of task regardless of its type. The type of the Starship heavily influences how it looks in appearance.

Every Starship in No Man’s Sky comes in 4 different classes which get better the rarer the class is. These classes by rarity lowest to highest are C-class, B-class, A-class, and S-class. So, if you want the best possible stats on a Starship along with a higher number of inventory and technology slots, you will need the highest rarity class. Obviously higher rarity class comes with a steeper price to pay for it.

Where to find and buy better class Starships

better starship no mans sky

In order to find a better class of Starships in No Man’s Sky, you need to visit wealthy systems. You can tell the economy of a system before warping to it by using the Economy Scanner on your current Starship. There are 4 types of economies; Poor, Average, Wealthy, and Outlawed.

When looking specifically for S-class Starships, it is recommended that you go to Outlawed systems as these have the highest chance to have S-class Starships. Even yet, it is incredibly rare and even the highest chance is a 5% chance so gather all your units for when you finally find an S-class Starship.

When you finally find a good Starship that you like at Space Stations or any type of landing pad near structures, go up to the pilot standing outside the ship and you can buy the Starship from them. If you have a freighter, you can store multiple Starships and switch between them.

That is how you can get better Starships in No Man’s Sky. For more guides like this, check out our other articles like how to upgrade your Exosuit and how to find Paradise Planets.