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Tower Of Fantasy: Where To Find Barbarossa

Check out this guide to know about the location of Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is an Adventure open-world MMORPG game similar to Genshin Impact with multiple story quests. There are multiple mini-bosses lurking around the map to wreak havoc and cause obstruction in your path. Apart from these mini-bosses, there are 6 world bosses on different regions of the map. Moreover, these world bosses get tougher as we explore the open-world map by completing the story quests. These monsters have different character levels that make them more powerful and dangerous. Barbarossa is one such monster appearing on the map that is extremely powerful and one of the most difficult bosses to defeat. Here’s our guide that highlights the location of Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Find Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy (Location)

Where to Find Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy
Image Source – Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

Barbarossa appears as a two-headed dog that is humongous in size. Also, all the six world bosses appear at one fixed location and nowhere else. Moreover, it is possible to find Barbarossa in the following location:

  • All the world bosses appear on the different regions of Aesperia Map.
  • In the case of Barbarossa, it can be found in the North-Eastern part of the Warren Snowfield island.
  • This island gets unlocked after completing 4 main story quests. At the end of each main story mission, a new location on the map gets unlocked.
  • 1077, -1060 are the exact coordinates where this final world-boss can be found.
  • Also, this monster will be found inside a spherical battlefield that is below ground level. Moreover, it is surrounded by some strange purple lighting that can be crossed just by walking through it.
  • Barbarossa is a high-level creature in ToF that has four layers of the health bar. Defeating this creature requires all those four layers to have perished.

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That is where you can find Barbarossa in Tower of Fantasy. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guides on finding Lucia and Apophis.