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Tower Of Fantasy: Did It Copy Genshin Impact?

Here is everything you need to know to help decide whether ToF is a Genshin Impact copy or not.

Tower Of Fantasy has recently been released and many players are calling it a Genshin Impact copy. While this game does take heavy inspiration from Genshin Impact, is it too harsh to call it a copy or is there more to it? So in this guide let us check whether Tower of Fantasy is a Genshin Impact clone, or is it its own thing.

Did Tower of Fantasy copy Genshin Impact?

tower of fantasy did it copy genshin impact

Tower of Fantasy is not a Genshin Impact copy, at least not on the surface. While there are a few things that you can consider it outright stole from Genshin, there is definitely some amount of thought and details added to the game. Here are some similarities and differences of the game.


tower of fantasy and genshin similarities

  • Protagonist being “Wanderer”: In Genshin Impact we call the main protagonist Traveler, and in ToF we call them Wanderer. This is probably the worst decision by the developers if they were going to show that their game isn’t a clone.
  • Character animations: Several of the character animations and even designs are identical to that of Genshin characters. Here is a good comparison video by ON Game for the major similarities between the character animations of the two games.

  • World design: When Genshin Impact had released, there were many comparisons of it being called a breath of the wild rip-off. And while we can see that the world of Genshin Impact has much more to it when checked in-depth. The problem with Tower of Fantasy is their world feels very similar to that of Teyvat. But what’s worse is many parts feel empty. The developers should add more life to their world.

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tower of fantasy and genshin differences

  • Character customization: Arguably one of the best features of Tower of Fantasy is how it allows you to change the appearance of your character. Be it the variety of options it gives you to customize your character. Or the ability to import character presets. This is definitely a really fresh feature of the game.
  • Combat: In Genshin Impact your team comprises of 4 characters. But in Tower of Fantasy, the 3 weapons dictate your combat.
  • More PvP: While Genshin Impact does give you options to play with friends it feels more PvE. Tower of Fantasy on the other hand tries to do justice to its MMO aspect and the whole shared open world features. So if it is solely a game that you are looking to play with your friends then Tower of Fantasy might be the one for you.
  • Gacha: While both of these games revolve around the gacha mechanics. The pity system works very differently in Tower of Fantasy. In Genshin Impact the soft pity is at 70 pulls and hard pity at 90 pulls. But in ToF, there is a soft pity at 30 pulls and hard pity at 80 pulls. Though this is an oversimplification of how gacha works in Tower of Fantasy. As it too has different banners and different pities for them.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that Tower of Fantasy is greatly inspired by Genshin Impact. But calling it a clone also doesn’t feel right because of the different experience it is going for, for its players. Especially when you take things like PvP and combat into account. And the biggest thing is Tower of Fantasy is still newer when compared to Genshin Impact. So the game has a lot of time and room to develop. It could turn into a completely different game down the line in a few months or years.

That covers this guide on if Tower of Fantasy is a Genshin Impact clone. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our Tower of Fantasy guides. And if you play Genshin Impact then we have dedicated guides for it as well.