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Tower Of Fantasy: Where To Find Apophis

Check out this guide to know the location of Apophis.

Tower of Fantasy is an Open-World Action MMORPG game similar to Genshin Impact. The game has multiple story quests occurring on multiple islands and regions. This game has multiple enemies who will obstruct your path. Apart from mini-bosses, there are world bosses appearing in different regions. As you complete the story quests in the Astra region and leave for the Banges region, you’ll encounter a world boss known as Apophis. If you want to know its location and put up a battle with it, then this guide is for you. Here’s our guide that features the location of Apophis in the Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Find Apophis in Tower of Fantasy

Where to find Apophis in Tower of Fantasy
Image Souce – Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

This monster is created by the successors of Aida themselves to protect the Banges region of Aesperia Map. Apophis is a level 30 creature that can cause fatal damage to the in-game character with single blows. Here’s where you can find this world boss:

  • The Apophis only resides in the Banges Region and nowhere else.
  • Head over to the Banges Factories and climb up to the sloppy mountain near it.
  • The mountain has a picture-perfect view of Banges Factories from the top.
  • Apophis can be found on that mountain. In addition, the coordinates for the locations are 464.9, 5.3.

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This fiend creature is a high-level world boss that makes it powerful enough to take lesser damage from the enemies. The gaps between the strikes are remarkably low which makes it more gruesome. Before engaging in a fight with this boss, keep in mind that this is a defending game. Also, playing aggressively is not a good solution to defeat it.

That is where you find the Apophis in Tower of Fantasy. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our guide on finding Lucia and Frost Bot.