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How To Find And Kill Cartel Soldiers In DMZ

Here is how to locate and kill Cartel Soldiers in Warzone 2 DMZ.

Want to know how to find and kill Cartel soldiers in DMZ? Then you are at the right spot. Season 3 of Warzone 2 has brought in a host of features such as new faction missions, alternate Exfil options, and even new AI enemies. The hostile AI soldiers in question are the Cartel soldiers. They have quite decent loot on them and moreover, you will also need to hunt them down as a part of a Faction mission. However, they are quite hard to come by in Al Mazrah – a land dominated by the Al Qatala group. This guide will show you the best place to find Cartel Soldiers in Warzone 2.

How to Find Cartel Soldiers in DMZ


The best spot to find large groups of Cartel soldiers is at Hafid Port in Al Mazrah. You will be able to find these soldiers on the docks, ships, and warehouses around the Hafid Port. The first objective of the Redacted Faction’s Cartel Investigation, requires you to locate the cartel soldiers in DMZ. Hafid Port is located in the southwest part of the map near Al Sa’id City. Once you locate the Cartel soldiers, your next objective will be to kill at least 5 of them.

Kill Cartel Soldiers – Cartel Investigation Mission

The second objective of the Cartel Investigation mission will ask you to kill 5 Cartel Soldiers. Don’t worry, they aren’t high-tier AI enemies. You can quickly eliminate them all by yourself if you have the best weapons and are well-stocked up on armor & equipment. This mission is quite similar to Non-Discriminatory in Season 2 where you were tasked with finding and eliminating Shadow Company soldiers. Once you kill 5 soldiers, all that’s left to do is find Large Contraband Packages and extract successfully to end the mission.

That’s everything covered on how to find and kill Cartel soldiers in DMZ Warzone 2. If this guide helped you out, then we have more latest tips and tricks for season 3. Check out how to get Heavy Chopper Fuel, Workbenches location & more in our Warzone 2 section.