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Warzone 2 Weapons Tier List: Best Guns Ranked (May 2023)

Check out the best weapons in our Warzone 2 Tier List.

If you are looking for the best weapons to use in Warzone 2, then this tier list is made just for you. With the launch of Season 2, many guns received buffs and nerf. Moreover, a few new guns are added to the game as well. Since the guns are divided into categories like AR, SMG, LMG, etc. we will give you a tier list for each.

Warzone 2 Weapons Tier List (May 2023)

Weapons Tier list for COD Warzone 2

Assault Rifles Tier List

Assault Rifles are known for their balanced build. You can use these in a ranged battle as well as short-range combat.

Weapon Tier
ISO Hemlock S-Tier
M4 S-Tier
TAQ-56 S-Tier
M13B A-Tier
Kastov 762 A-Tier
Lachmann-556 B-Tier
Kastov 545 B-Tier
Kastov-74U B-Tier
Chimera C-Tier
STB 556 D-Tier
M16 D-Tier

Warzone 2 Battle Rifles Tier List

Battle Rifles pack a strong punch compared to ARs. However, they carry fewer rounds.

Weapon Tier
TAQ-V S-Tier
FTAC Recon A-Tier
Lachmann-762 B-Tier
SO-14 C-Tier

SMGs Tier List

SMGs are known for their compact build and lightning-fast fire rate. These are the best weapons for close-range combat.

Weapon Tier
Fennec 45 S-Tier
FSS Hurricane S-Tier
PDSW 528 A-Tier
Vaznev-9K A-Tier
Lachmann Sub A-Tier
MX9 A-Tier
Minibak B-Tier
VEL 46 C-Tier
BAS-P C-Tier

Shotguns Weapon Tier List

Shotguns pack a heavy punch but they are slow. So make sure you do not miss any shots.

Weapon Tier
KV Broadside S-Tier
Bryson 890 A-Tier
Expedite 12 A-Tier
Bryson 800 B-Tier
Lockwood 300 C-Tier

LMGs Tier List

LMGs have a high damage output and have a huge magazine. However, they are bulky and affect your mobility.

Weapon Tier
Sakin MG38 S-Tier
RPK S-Tier
556 Icarus B-Tier
HCR 56 D-Tier

Marksman Rifles Weapon Tier List

These weapons are a hybrid between ARs and Sniper Rifles.

Weapon Tier
SA-B 50 S-Tier
TAQ-M S-Tier
Tempus Torrent A-Tier
EBR-14 A-Tier
LM-S A-Tier
SP-R 208 B-Tier
Crossbow C-Tier
Lockwood MK2 D-Tier

Sniper Rifles Tier List

The Sniper Rifles have the highest ranged damage. You can take out an enemy with a single accurate shot. However, they are slow and affect your mobility.

Weapon Tier
Signal 50 S-Tier
Victus XMR S-Tier
SP-X 80 A-Tier
MCPR-300 B-Tier
LA-B 330 B-Tier

Handguns Tier List

These weapons are great to move around and as a secondary weapons.

Weapon Tier
.50 GS S-Tier
P890 A-Tier
Basilisk A-Tier
X13 Auto B-Tier
X12 B-Tier

Launchers Tier List

The Rocket Launchers are great to hit an enemy nest. They have huge damage out and cover a large area.

Weapon Tier
RPG-7 A-Tier
Strela-P B-Tier

That completes our Warzone 2 Weapons Tier List. Not that this list is based on our playstyle and can change from player to player. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check more in our Warzone 2 section.