How To Find Workbenches In DMZ Warzone 2

Milton Dsouza
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Struggling to find Workbenches in DMZ? Then this guide will help you out. Workbenches are the latest additions to the Season 3 update of Warzone 2. They help you customize weapons of your choice in exchange for some cash. And that’s not all, there is one such mission that will require you to locate the Workbench and add a suppressor to any weapon. The mission may sound simple but finding the Workbench on the map is easier said than done. Check out this guide to know the location.

Where to Find Workbenches in DMZ

how to customize contraband weapons on workbench dmz
Image Source: Gamers Heroes (YouTube)

Workbenches in DMZ can be found close to every Buy Station on the map. The Workbench looks like a huge black cabinet that has tools and a glowing green light on it. They usually spawn on the opposite side of the station. Workbenches don’t have a marker which is why they cannot be located on the map. Your best bet is to look around the buy station to get its location. Workbenches will also come in handy during the Upgraded Arsenal mission in DMZ. Since you have now learned the location of the Workbench, here is how to customize Contraband weapons on it.

How to Customize Contraband Weapons in DMZ

Once you find a Workbench, just walk up and interact with it. You will then be able to see your equipped weapons and the “Upgrade” option as well. You will have to shell out 3,000$ to add every attachment to your weapon. And remember that you will be able to add a total of five attachments only. Your insured weapon would most probably be fully customized. However, your contraband weapons will need better attachments to survive the grueling battles in DMZ.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Workbenches in DMZ. We hope that guide was of use to you. For more tips, check out where to find the Heavy Chopper fuel and the best Kastov-74u loadout in our Warzone 2 section.