Where To Find Jaeger’s Family Basement In Fortnite

Unable to find Jaeger's Family Basement in Fortnite? This guide has the location you are looking for.

The Jaeger’s Family basement is as much a mystery in Fortnite as it was in the series and many players are unable to find it. In the manga and anime, Eren and the Scout Regiment finds out the secrets about the Titans upon getting here. But what can players expect to find in the game’s Basement? So here is a quick guide to how you can find it and its map location.

Where to Find Jaeger’s Family Basement in Fortnite

where to find jaeger's family basement in fortnite
Image Credit: Fortnite.gg

You have to go under the Southeastern house in Anvil Square to reach Jaeger’s Family basement. Check the above map for the exact location. Once you reach the house location, go down. Open the door and you will reach the basement.

Here you can find bookshelves and cupboards with various bottles inside. The most important thing that you will get here is the Scout Regiment Footlockers. Open it up to get the ODM gear or Thunder Spears.

Once you get here you complete the “Find Jaeger’s Family Basement in Anvil Square” quest. This will unlock the basement key Back Bling for you.

The best time to go here is at the start of the match. This is because everyone will be looking for the basement. Either to get the new AoT gear or weapon. Or to complete their quest for the Back Bling. But if you land nearby and hear a lot of gunshots. Then it is best if you leave the area and come back again once you get some weapons to fight back.

That sums up this guide for the map location where you can find Eren Jaeger’s Family basement in Fortnite. If you found this guide useful, and need more help with this game then check out our Fortnite section. Here you can find topics like free skins, how to enable visual sound effects, and the best first-person map codes.