How To Get Thunder Spears In Fortnite (Location)

Looking to use Mikasa's Thunder Spears in Fortnite? This guide will help you find them.

In Fortnite, you can now get thunder spears which you can use to take down your opponents. One of the most iconic scenes in Attack on Titan was when Mikasa and everyone used it for the first time on Reiner. But you cannot get this weapon easily in this game and many players don’t know where to look for them. So here is a quick guide on the locations where you can find them.

How to Get Thunder Spears in Fortnite

how to get and use thunder spears in fortnite

You can find Thunder Spears from the Scout Regiment Footlockers. This is the guaranteed place for them where you can also get ODM gear. Aside from that you can also find them on the ground and in random chests. There aren’t many fixed places where you can get these Regiment Footlockers. But the best place to look for them is in Anvil Square, where you can find Jaeger’s Family Basement here.

Aside from the above places the only other way to get it is by looting other players. While playing keep an eye out for any explosions. There is a chance someone else that has it is nearby. Eliminate them sneakily, this is because if they have these spears they most likely might also be using the ODM gear. So fighting them head-on will put you at a disadvantage.

How to Use Thunder Spears

You can use it by launching them at your enemies. They can be used both to directly attack your enemies or to destroy their covers. The best way to use them is to shoot them closer to the enemy. This is because these spears explode after a few seconds. So it will deal Area of Effect (AoE) damage to your opponent if they don’t move quickly. And it is also good for destroying any structures they might have built.

With that, you now know everything about the locations on where to find Thunder Spears and how to use them in Fortnite. Don’t forget to check our Fortnite section if you are looking for more things about this game.