How To Get ODM Gear In Fortnite (Location)

Here is the location where you can find ODM gear in Fortnite.

Eren Jaeger and the Scout regiment are here in Fortnite, and thanks to them bringing the new weapons you can now get yourself an ODM gear. So if you ever wanted to fly around just like Mikasa or Levi, now is you chance. But getting them won’t be very easy. So here is a quick guide how you can get the Omni-Directional Mobility gear, find out its locations and how to use it.

How to Get ODM Gear in Fortnite

how to get and use odm gear in fortnite

You can find ODM gear in Scout Regiment Footlockers, random chests, and on the ground. While there are not many fixed places where you are guaranteed to always get them. The best location to look for it is in Anvil Square. This is because you can also find Jaeger’s Family Basement here. And it mostly spawns at least 1 Scout Regiment Footlockers. So from it you can either get this weapon, the Thunder Spears, or both.

But if everything else fails then you can always hunt down players that already using it. This will be especially tough though since they will have better movement. But once you manage to eliminate the player that has it, simply collect it from their loot. You can now launch yourself around and (in a way) fly from one place to another.

How to Use ODM Gear

You can use the ODM gear to grapple and launch yourself using buildings, trees, or other structures. It comes with built-in blades that you can use for attacking. But you cannot use it indefinitely. It runs on gas, each time you run out of it you will have to wait for it to recharge before using again. You also need to wait for it to recharge completely once you touch the ground.

So you can only use it to grapple onto structures as long as you have gas left and if you have been flying around.

That’s it on everything you should know about where to find and how to use ODM gear in Fortnite. I suggest you also check out our Fortnite section. Here you can find more useful topics like best weapons, rare skins, and more.