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How To Find High Tensile Spidroin In Starfield

Wondering where to find high tensile spidroin in Stafield in order to use it in crafting and strong protective gear? find the answer in this guide.

There are few materials in Starfield that are quite rare to find but turn out to be very useful in crafting powerful defensive mod, and high tensile spidroin is one of them. Unlike other materials, this one is scarce and you can discover it through extensive exploration. This guide will help to find and stock them to use in crafting heavy shielding and protective gear.

Where to Find High Tensile Spidroin

High Tensile Spidroin in stafield

High Tensile Spidroin is used in crafting and upgrading spacesuits and helmets, like making mods to increase damage resistivity and protection. As mentioned earlier, the High Tensile Spidroin is hard to find, unlike other raw materials. Since you cannot harvest Spidroin like other resources, the only way to find it is by looking for it in cities, research stations, and outposts or by purchasing it from shop vendors.

The most likely places where you can find high-tensile spidroin in Starfield are random clutters, inside containers, shelves, desks, tables, and places like that. However, you can go the other way around and try buying it from the vendor in Starfield. Below is the list of shops where the chance of finding Spidroin is maximum.

List of High Tensile Spidroin supplying shops 

Vendor Location
Jemison Mercantile New Atlantis, Jemison
Denis Averin Cydonia, Mars
Zuri’s Essentials The Key, Kryx system

Also, it is worth mentioning that the shop’s stock is related to players’ tire level. Hence, if you are unable to find them, try searching for them in other places or come again after you have leveled up more. If they are out of stock, you can reset their inventory by sleeping for 24 local hours on a nearby bed or bench.

The more you explore the Starfield universe, you can come across many such rare raw materials to stock up your inventory. That’s all from our side on how to find High Tensile Spidroin in Starfield. Check out our other guide on Starfield like the best Starfield armor spacesuits or find out which vendors have the most credits. Additionally, you can go through our Starfield section to get more tips and guides.