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Queen Bee Terraria: How To Find, Summon & Defeat Boss

Use this boss guide to find, summon and beat Queen Bee in Terraria.

Terraria’s Queen Bee is an optional boss but finding, summoning, and beating her is not as easy as it might seem. If you still haven’t faced her, she can be a really tough opponent to deal with. Defeating her can be hard for a new player, but it is worth it, as her weapon drops are very good. Every time we face her in normal mode, there is a 33% chance that she will drop one of these three weapons: Bee Gun, Bee Keeper, and The Bee’s Knees. Apart from weapons, she also drops items like Bee Hat, Honey Comb, Nectar, Beenade, Bee Wax, Queen Bee Mask, Queen Bee Trophy, and much more.

How to Summon Queen Bee in Terraria (Item)

Terraria Queen Bee Summon And Beat

Queen Bee is a pre-Hardmode boss that you first summon by breaking Larva of Underground Jungle’s Bee Hives. Once you have summoned and defeated her the first time, you will get drops that are used for creating Abeemination, an item used for summoning Queen Bee. You need 5 Honey Blocks, Stinger, 5 Hive, and Bottled Honey to craft Abeemination. And you can only use this item in Jungle and Underground Jungle. After you have crafted the item, you need to consume it to summon the Queen Bee.

How to Beat Queen Bee

Like most bosses, she has a pattern. And there are three things you need to beware of when facing Queen Bee in Terraria. First, she can summon bees, and the number & size of bees will vary with the mode. Second, she charges you by going back and forth a few times in a row. Third, she shoots poisonous stingers. Her usual pattern is to stay at the horizontal level of players, so when you find her hovering above, there is a chance she is doing that to attack you with poison. And this attack is most deadly, as it inflicts poison debuff and slowly drains life.

There are two things you can do to beat her easily before she summons or uses poison against you. The first is that you should call her where there is more space for you to move and at the same time she has nowhere to run. You can do this by creating platforms in Terraria’s Underground area, and jumping up and down while attacking Queen Bee. The second thing is that you should use long and wide-range weapons, as due to her big size she will have a hard time avoiding your attacks.

This is all on how to find, summon and beat Queen Bee in Terraria. The game has many interesting and fun elements for players to explore, you can discover them through our massive list of Terraria guides. You can start with how to get Calamity Mod and then read how Tally Counter is obtained.

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