Final Fantasy Mode In FF16 – How To Unlock

Here are all the features of the Final Fantasy Mode in FF16.

Square Enix always manages to impress their fans as they keep improving every installment of the Final Fantasy series. This time around, they have introduced a brand new Final Fantasy Mode in FF16. It is the third difficulty level of FF16 after the Story-Focused and Action-Focused modes. So, what makes this mode so different from the other two? Are there new features in the Final Fantasy mode? We will answer these questions in our guide. But first, let’s show you how to unlock the Final Fantasy mode in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Unlock Final Fantasy Mode in FF16

final fantasy mode ff16 features

The Final Fantasy Mode can be unlocked only after reaching New Game Plus in Final Fantasy 16. So, this means that you will need to complete the entire campaign of FF16. The New Game Plus feature lets you carry over your character’s possessions, abilities, and level progression from your latest playthrough. You can now play the entire game all over again in Final Fantasy Mode. But it will be a lot more difficult this time around. We will show you all the features of the Final Fantasy mode.

Final Fantasy Mode Features in Final Fantasy 16

Here are all the features of Final Fantasy Mode in FF16:

  • Max Level cap raised to 100
  • More challenging and higher-level enemies
  • Upgrade weapons to a higher level
  • Ultima weapon available for crafting
  • Gold Trophy upon completion

In Final Fantasy Mode, the level cap for your character will be raised to 100. Along with that, the enemies you face on your second playthrough will be much more powerful. Luckily, to make your journey a little easier, you will also be able to craft the Ultima weapon.

That’s all you need to know on how to unlock the Final Fantasy mode in Final Fantasy 16. If you are yet to play the game, then check out our Final Fantasy XVI section for strategy guides, combat tips, quest walkthroughs, and more.