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Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Boss Fight – List of Every Boss

Here are the big ones

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is massive with unique bosses waiting for you. Some are sentinels while some are mysterious beast hidden deep below the earth. If you are looking forward to find information on every boss in FF7 Remake then this guide is for you. You can learn about chapter wise boss details and prepare your team with the best upgrades. So here is all boss and where to find them in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

FF7 Remake All Boss Fight List


There are 25 bosses in the story campaign and 5 bosses that later converts into summons. There is one secret boss also. So in total, there are 31 bosses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. One common thing about all bosses is that they follow a common attack pattern. For example the Scorpion Sentinel, or Air Buster. The pattern will help you to strategies how to defeat them. You will need essential upgrade, consumables and fill up the ATB to summon.

Main Bosses in Campaign

  • Chapter 1 – Scorpion Sentinel.
  • Chapter 2 – The Huntsman.
  • Chapter 3 – Hoodlums.
  • Chapter 4 – Roche.
  • Chapter 5 – Queen Grashtrike and Crab Warden.
  • Chapter 7 – Airbuster.
  • Chapter 8 –  Reno and Rude.
  • Chapter 9 – Hell House.
  • Chapter 10 – Ahzu.
  • Chapter 11 – Ghoul and Eligor.
  • Chapter 12 – Reno & Rude.
  • Chapter 13 – Failed Experiment.
  • Chapter 14 – Abzu.
  • Chapter 15 – The Valkyrie.
  • Chapter 16 – Specimen H5012, Swordipede, Brain Pod, Rufus & Darkstar, The Arsenal and Jenova Dreamweaver.
  • Chapter 18 – Whispher Harbinger and Sephiroth.


All Summons – VR Missions

  • Shiva
  • Leviathan
  • Fat Chocobo
  • Bahamut
  • Type O Behemoth

In Shinra Combat Simulator you will deal with a Secret Boss. You can fight with the secret boss in Chapter 17. Play mission Three-Persona team vs Top Secrets.


So these are all the bosses in Final Fantasy VII Remake, stay tuned for more latest news and updates on Video Games.