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How To Defeat Scorpion Sentinel In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Your First and a tough boss

Scorpion Sentinel is the first boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Thankfully Barret will join the party. Scorpion Sentinel is not easy to defeat, there are four waves of a boss fight. In all waves, he will be returned with some stronger attacks. But this does not mean it is impossible to defeat Scorpion Sentinel in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In this guide, there are some critical points that will help you to defeat the boss, like what kind of attacks can stagger them, and essential points to survive.

How to Defeat Scorpion Sentinel?

There are four waves of this boss battle, each time Scorpion Sentinel will evade and jump back into the fight with a unique strategy. For example returns with a shield, or explosive electrical attack, etc. Before you enter into fight grab some Potions. Avoid magic, it will not help you. Press R1 to guard.

Wave 1: Watch for the Tail

First lock the Boss, so that you can control your movement and attacks. This will also help you to project your abilities. Start with Cloud, run behind the Scorpion and attack the legs. The continuous attack will fill your ATB Gauge allowing you to use Abilities and Spells. When you start attacking the Pressured bar will appear below the health bar.

Scorpion Sentinel will use his tails to throw you off the ground, be ready to dodge. Thankfully the Pressured bar does not empty on its own, you can continue your attacks. The next attack is missiles, that will land on your head, so be prepared. Switch to Punisher mode to fill the Pressured Gauge fast.

Once it is full, press X to go to the Command Menu and use Ability Braver. Finally, you will get the chance to Staggered the Scorpion Sentinel. This is your chance to cause maximum damage, best switch to Punisher Mode and use strong attacks. Or attack with Ability Braver. If everything goes fine this will be the end of Scorpion Sentinel Boss fight Wave 1.

Wave 2: Break the Defense Shield

Scorpion Sentinel will be back with a shield, none of Clouds attack will damage the robot. Switch to Barret. Lock the target and start shooting. Only Ranged Attack can break the shield giving you a window to hit the monster back. Use the Overcharge attack in between to speed up. Scorpion Sentinel will mark his enemies with a laser, keep dodging or else he will attack with missiles. As Barret just continue shooting, the bot will evade and jump back into the fight when the shield is gone. This is Cloud’s chance to fill the Pressured meter, but there is one problem.

When things turn blue, run an electric explosion that can throw you off the ground. Keep an eye on the Limit Gauge, when it is full use Limit Break attack. This is very important, taking damage and staggering enemies fill the Limit Gauge. If you can unleash this, 50% of Scorpion Sentinel health is gone and you are now in the third wave of battle.

Wave 3: Beware of Laser Attack

In the final wave hide behind the debris to cover yourself from the tail attack. Scorpion Sentinel will need some time to chargeback, this is a window to attack. As Cloud uses an Ability – Braver or Focused Thrust. There will be three kinds of attack, the laser from the tale, missiles, and electric explosion. Attack from the backside, and target the legs. On the back of this monster where you will face minimum damage. The objective here is to stagger Scorpion Sentinel. This requires continuous attacks, in the operator mode, you can guard yourself against incoming attack. Hold R1, and go close to the bot.

Staggering Scorpion Sentinel for the third time will unlock Limit Break. This will be your last move to enter the last and the final wave of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Scorpion Sentinel Boss fight.

Wave 4: Attack the Legs

As Cloud attack the left and then the right leg to finish Scorpion Sentinel. This will require a little effort because he will release the electrical explosion attack. When you see the blue light just run, use Focus Thrust on the legs. The scorpion robot will be auto-repairing himself and you will not like that. So keep hitting the legs, this will be easy. Because here Abilities will help you in dealing with high damage, the only issue is attacked by the machine will be frequent.

Defeating Scorpion Sentinel boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake will reward you with 100 EXP and 100 Gil. Cloud will progress to Level 8.