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How To Beat Huntsman Quicky In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Huntsman is a fearsome opponent

Final Fantasy 7 Remake brings a ton of things and people from the old game to the new along with them are bosses that you have to fight in order to progress and the Huntsman is one such boss fight that you have to clear out.

You will encounter the Huntsman first after the bombing at the mako reactor and just before you are about to get on the train. This guide will show you how to beat the Huntsman in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


How To Defeat Huntsman In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Huntsman is a fearsome opponent, what makes this fight peculiar is the fact that the Huntsman carries a riot shield around and you won’t be able to break the defense with your Buster Sword.

Instead, you will need to rely on magic as this proves the most effective when taking on the Huntsman. You will need to provoke him to make sure that he attacks you, this will leave him exposed.


What you can do at this moment is quickly get behind the Huntsman and unleash as many strikes as you can to build up your ATB gauge.

When you have charged your ATB gauge completely, you can use the Fire spell to Pressure him and this will lead him to drop his shield.

As soon as the shield is down, this is your opportunity to deal as much damage as you can with your Buster Sword, this again will charge up your ATB, if he is still Pressured, you can use Focused Thrust to Stagger him completely, following up with Cloud’s Punisher mode to finish the battle.


This is only the first instance where you have to fight the Huntsman, after this fight you will encounter the Huntsman regularly in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Make sure to use magic against shielded enemies to give you an opening where you can take advantage. This is all there is to know about how to defeat the Huntsman in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Make sure that you check out other guides on Final Fantasy 7 Remake as well.