How To Defeat Crab Warden In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

FF7 Boss Fight Tips and tricks

On your way to destroy the second Mako Reactor, team Avalanche will have to face tougher challenges. One of them is Crab Warden, a heavily armored fighting machine. Located in the underground train tunnel, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret will join the battle against this boss together. In FF7 Boss Fight Walkthrough you will find important tips on how to defeat Crab Warder. What are its weaknesses and best strategy to defeat this boss fast, like how to stagger him? Staggering Crab Warden will give you a massive opening to unleash Abilities and stronger attacks.

How to defeat Crab Warden in FF7 Remake?

Before entering into boss fight grab some high-potion. You will need this consumable, there is a vending machine in the tunnel. After destroying Sentry Launchers, take the stairs on the left of the tunnel. The big door is locked, continuing walking and unlock two-door to reach a safe room. Stairs on the right of the safe room take you to an area where you will fight Crab Warden Boss. Buy some High-potion and you can take a break on the blue bench to refill your health bar. Cloud, Barret, and Tifa should be somewhere between Level 11 to Level 15 to win this boss fight.

Crab Warden Wave 1 – Attack with Thundara

Crippling its parts significantly fills its stagger gauge. Lightning is his weakness. During the fight use Thunder attacks on the lefts to fill the stagger gauge. You can switch between Cloud, Barret, and Tifa to use Thunder attacks multiple times on a single left.

The best attack to stagger this enemy is Thundara Spell. Two proper attacks and the enemy will be staggered instantly. Thundara requires ATB Gauge and 11 MP. Crab Warden is vulnerable against lighting, regular Thunder attack will cause a moderate amount of damage. But if you can execute Thundara spell on this boss you can stagger him fast and use Abilities to deplete these health bars faster.

Once you can successfully stagger Crab Warder, use Thunder attack and target the Generator. The heart of this boss, two attacks and you will be in the second wave of Crab Warden Boss Battle.

Crab Warden irst Wave 2 – Destroy the Drones

In the second wave of the boss fight, Crab Warden will summon some Slug Ray, drone type bots. Switch to Barret instantly and use this weapon to hunt down the drones. Thunder attack on Slug Ray will also damage them, they will fall on the ground. Continuing with Crab Warden, attack the legs.

You can summon Ifrit in the right, this is where you get a little additional support if it becomes hard to defeat the boss. Just target the legs and you will be able to stagger him faster than before. Continue with strong attacks and within few seconds you will be in the third wave of Crab Warden Boss Fight.

Crab Warden Wave 3 – Destroy the Auxiliary Weapons

Crab Warden will be more aggressive in the third wave, melee combat is tough here. So you will need some summon ability. Also, the boss fight will release a devastating attack of the electric explosion, beware not to stand on the wires and stay behind the crate. Back in the right, you will have to destroy two weapons, if you go near you will face missiles and continuous shooting.

Stay away and use a few thunder attacks on both the weapons. As Barret project your attack on the of the auxiliary weapons. As Cloud use thunder attack and then switch to punisher mode. Crab Warden will be staggered once again and this an ability attack will do most of the job.

This does not mean Crab Warden Boss fight is over, the problem lies with the right and left weapon. If you are playing as a cloud and getting attacked then switch your character instantly. Attack the weapons from behind to avoid damage. Repeat the same with Barret. A Thundara spell attack will help you to defeat the boss in FF7 Remake.

In your final attack target the generator. Defeating this boss will reward you with 500 Gil and you can obtain a pair of Metal Knuckles.