FF7 Ever Crisis Stuck On Loading Screen Fixes

Use these methods to resolve the stuck on loading screen issue of Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.

Does your Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis get stuck on the loading screen or freeze when you are about to defeat the final boss of Dungeon? Many players are dealing with this same problem. And have been unable to complete even the daily Solo missions. It is occurring in Story and Co-op modes too. Like the story will keep loading but won’t load even after five or ten minutes. Such issues are addressed by the developers quickly. And management has made several fixes since the launch. This issue may have been resolved by the time you read this guide, so we recommend you try loading the game and then try our fixes.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Freezes While Loading (Possible Fixes)

FF7 Ever Crisis Stuck On Loading Screen Fixes

Why is Loading Screen Stuck in FF7EC

There seem to be two prominent reasons for the issue. First, the network stability, and second the game download. If your network becomes weak or unstable it hinders the loading. And if you are using the minimum download, then it might be because it needs a full download. They might not necessarily apply to everyone’s application, it can also be a system error. So try these listed fixes.

Possible Fixes for FF7 Ever Crisis Screen Freeze

  • Download full game: You can download the full game by tapping on the list icon in the upper right and then selecting Full Download. This might take some time but once you have downloaded the full version you will not face errors and issues as much as minimum versions.
  • Restart wifi or data: Check your internet speed by searching network speed test in Google. Then press the Run Speed Test button to check the speed. It can be used with both wifi and data.
  • Clear cache: Go to Settings and tap on the Application or Apps. Scroll and search for the FF7EC. You will see the Clear Cache option in its details or inside the Storage of its info. This should fix the Ever Crisis stuck on loading issue.
  • Update FFVIIEC: In-game updates are rolled frequently, so you will sometimes see an update and download options when you launch the app. It is better to download at the time, but if your data is insufficient, use the first method whenever you have more data. Update notices can be found in the Notices section of the game, so check it whenever you load the game.
  • Contact support: If none of the above solutions worked for you, contact the Support. And detail your issue with the contact form to get a faster and better response.

Hopefully, this fixes your Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis stuck on the loading screen issue. If it helped you and you are curious about more topics from the game, check out our other mobile game guides. You can start with what to do when an error takes you to the title screen and which are the best characters of FFVIIEC.