How To Fight Zanpakuto In Project Mugetsu (PM)

Karan Pahuja
2 Min Read

No matter if you play as a Soul Reaper or an Arrancar in Project Mugetsu, you will eventually have to fight your Zanpakuto. This is important to get your sword’s next power which is Shikai. And eventually Bankai or Resurrection. But the process for it isn’t all that simple. So here is how you fight your Zanpakuto in PM.

How to Fight Zanpakuto in Project Mugetsu

how to fight zanpakuto in project mugetsu

You can fight your Zanpakuto after reaching level 20 meditation in PM. Once you attain this level you will unlock a boss fight in the inner world. There are two times you can fight your Zanpakuto. As mentioned previously, the first time is to unlock your shikai, while the second time is to get your bankai or resurrection. Here is what you should do as a Shinigami:

  1. Become a Soul Reaper. Talk to the NPC Kisuke for it.
  2. Next, open the menu and go to skills, and use your Mastery to get Senkaimon.
  3. This will let you go to the Soul Society.
  4. Now meditate here and level it up to reach level 20.
  5. The meditation process is fairly easy. Press the K key on your keyboard and the mini-game will start. Now press the indicated keys and you will level up your meditation. Make sure not to press any wrong keys as it will cost you your mini-game progress.
  6. After you reach level 20, you will get a Fight Zanpakuto button during your Meditation stage.
  7. Click on it and you can fight it to get your Shikai.
  8. Keep meditating until you reach level 50 then you can go ahead and even get your Bankai.

That is all you have to do to fight your Zanpakuto in Project Mugetsu (PM). For more help on this game check our guides on how to get skill mastery, race tier list, and all game controls.