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FIFA 21 Loyalty Glitch: How to do the loyalty glitch on PS4 and Xbox One with no losses

Here's everything you need to know about FIFA 21 Loyalty Glitch.

FIFA 21 has brought back Loyalty Glitch and those who are looking to gain chemistry with transfer market bought players, it is quite important for some specific squad building challenges. Since FIFA 21 is now available via Early Access and if you don’t know what loyalty glitch is and how to get it and what to do FIFA 21  loyalty glitch on PS4 and Xbox One, here’s everything you need to know.


What is the FIFA 21 loyalty glitch?

As we have mentioned above the loyalty glitch is FIFA is not something that we are seeing it for the first time. It has been around for ages. It is nothing but a quick trick to gain maximum loyalty on all your players so they can hit 10 chemistry in your squad.

This is incredibly useful for SBCs like Loyal Lads and First XI, where best solutions need you to have 100 Chemistry and you can’t add a  manager to get the usual boost. Loyalty Glitch in FIFA is a hidden game mechanic, providing players with a +1 boost to chemistry.


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How to get Loyalty In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You can only get Loyalty in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team if you played 10 matches with a player. Once you have played 10 matches with a particular player in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team squad battles, you will get a loyalty bonus and coins as a reward after every match.


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How to do the FIFA 21 Loyalty Glitch on PS4 and Xbox One

Doing the FIFA 21 loyalty glitch on PS4 and Xbox One is very easy. You can perform the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team loyalty glitch on both the platforms by starting an online Squad Battle match. If you want to perform FIFA 21 loyalty glitch with no losses, then, you will have to simply quit the match the moment timer appears on the screen and press the home button your console’s controller. 


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Then head over to either the PS4 or Xbox One network settings and make sure to disconnect them from the internet, then reconnect and return to FIFA 21. You will see an error message will appear on the screen saying that you lost connection from the EA servers and the squad battles match will be finished.

When you reconnect to the EA servers and Ultimate Team, you will see the game has been counted as a match played with no loss. In order to get loyalty on all 11 players, you will have to repeat the same process 10 more times.

That’s all you need to know everything about FIFA loyalty glitch. While you are here, be sure to check out other FIFA 21 Guides, skill tutorials and tips and tricks articles.